Federal Budget Falls Behind on School Meal Funding

Alberta, G-7 Countries Lead the Pack, while Feds Remain Inactive

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March 10 – Join the Great Big Crunch on the Hill!

Ottawa – This March 10, 2016, nearly 200,000 children from across Canada will bite into apples (and other crunchy produce) to celebrate healthy, local food.

People Food Policy 02/2016


Resetting the Table 2016


Healthy food on the table at the FPT Health Ministers' meeting

A renewed sense of opportunity formed the undercurrent of last month’s health ministers’ meeting as provincial and territorial health ministers met with their federal counterpart for the first time in a decade.

Food is Part of the Recipe for a Healthy Canada #Recipe4Health

Food Secure Canada and Dr. Norman Campbell, HSF/CIHR Chair of Hypertension Prevention and Control call for action on the leading risk Canadians’ health and well-being: unhealthy diets. 

The Rising Cost of Food: a National Food Policy Should Focus on Health and Sustainability

The fall of the Canadian dollar below the 70-cents-US mark is expected to leave Canadians with higher grocery bills. This situation is particularly critical considering that the vast majority of fruits and vegetables eaten by Canadians are imported and that the rate of inflation on food products hit 4.1% today. This puts Canadians in an unparalleled position among industrialised countries.