Three years ago, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau outlined his priorities for his new health minister. They included some big ideas to promote public health through healthy eating. They were, and are, urgent...This is where Canada’s Healthy Eating Strategy comes into play.

Two important federal initiatives would be strengthened if the Canadian government joined the rest of the G7 countries in a cost shared national, universal, school food program in Canada. Sign the House of Commons petition and join the #NourishKidsNow campaign now!

More than 80 national, provincial and local organisations joined Food Secure Canada in asking the Prime Minister to exercise his personal leadership to ensure that food policy serves the public interest.

The 10th Assembly brought together nearly 800 farmers and foodies, chefs and Indigenous leaders, students, activists and businesses, seeding a wealth of new ideas and connections. Throughout, new connections, old friendships, rekindled partnerships and learning from one another, filled the days including through some difficult conversations.

With the next federal election fast approaching, the three main political parties in Canada sent senior politicians to Food Secure Canada’s very own Question Period to have a dialogue with food movement leaders. 


How do new technologies affect our food system? How do renegotiated supply management rules impact our food system? And, how do we move past the black/white, good/bad binaries that so often frame debates about trade-related issues? These are just some of the topics that emerged during the presentations and discussion on trade held during Food Secure Canada’s 10th Assembly last month.


After several meetings between the Selection Committee, we are proud to announce the winners of the 2018 Cathleen Kneen Award, two extraordinary mentors and community builders.

From the launch of the People’s Food Policy Project to the upcoming adoption of Canada’s first ever National Food Policy, the Food Secure Canada community has been working hard side by side, from coast to coast to coast. Find out more in our booklet highlighting this journey!

What needs to change to make sustainably-grown food accessible to low-income Canadians? Food Secure Canada has embarked on research to guide future policy-making.

There is finally some noise about food policy as the government publishes its What We Heard report from its 2017 public consultations. Find out what we thought!