We are calling for your personal leadership to ensure that the new food policy for Canada builds a more just, healthy and sustainable food system. We are concerned about the delays in the announcement of the new food policy, the adoption and implementation of the Healthy Eating Strategy and the failure of Nutrition North reform.  

MONTREAL - October 29th, 2018 - As the countdown to the next federal election begins, the Canadian food movement is mobilising to increase momentum towards a healthy, just and sustainable food system. Resetting the Table, Food Secure Canada’s 10th Assembly, is co-hosted by Concordia University and the Concordia Food Coalition at the downtown campus.

After several meetings between the Selection Committee, we are proud to announce the winners of the 2018 Cathleen Kneen Award, two extraordinary mentors and community builders.

What needs to change to make sustainably-grown food accessible to low-income Canadians? Food Secure Canada has embarked on research to guide future policy-making.

There is finally some noise about food policy as the government publishes its What We Heard report from its 2017 public consultations. Find out what we thought!

From the launch of the People’s Food Policy Project to the upcoming adoption of Canada’s first ever National Food Policy, the Food Secure Canada community has been working hard side by side, from coast to coast to coast. Find out more in our booklet highlighting this journey!

With the National Food Policy originally expected to be announced in May 2018, online and in-person consultations were held hastily over the summer of 2017. But we’re still waiting for the What We Heard report from those hearings, let alone the policy itself. We are hoping this prolonged process signals that a substantive instrument towards a healthier and more sustainable food system is on its way.

The nomination period is now closed. Online polling will take place July 25th to August 19th, 2018. 

How well is Canada meeting its international human rights obligations? On May 11, it was our turn to be reviewed by the United Nations, with Canada’s third Universal Periodic Review (UPR).


Diana Bronson and Peter Andrée recently had an extraordinary opportunity to exchange what is happening on food policy with European and global experts and organizations in trips to Brussels, Budapest and Brighton. Here are some of the highlights of those meetings with links to further resources for people who are interested in knowing more.