On May 9th, civil society convened to contribute to a renewed Food Policy for Canada. Here's an update on the proceedings.

Amy Seesequasis shares lessons on the history and impact of Treaties in Canada, the breach of their terms, and how settlers and Indigenous communities can move forward from Treaty breaches in a good way. 

We've reviewed the budget 2023 and like many, are disappointed with its lack of long-term vision and concrete steps towards health, justice, and sustainability in the food system. Click to view our full take. 

This webinar series is a crucial part of FSC’s broader commitment to address structural and systemic barriers that prevent Black and Indigenous communities from achieving improved health, well-being, and food sovereignty. 

Since 2019, our team has been working to identify and analyze innovative approaches to food systems that help advance Canada’s progress towards the SDGs. Here's a quick update on what we've accomplished, and what we've figured out so far.

Recent articles discuss study’s findings, mentioning the barriers beyond food prices that limit access to sustainable food in Canada post-COVID-19.

We want to acknowledge the departure of Amélie and Gustave, two exceptional individuals who have both greatly contributed to FSC and the Coalition's development in the last years. 

After an extensive search by Food Secure Canada’s staff, board of directors, and Placemaking 4G, we are so excited to introduce our new Co-Executive Directors Marissa Alexander and Wade Thorhaug!

The new report explores how the pandemic impacted sustainable food consumption among those living with a low income as well as Black, Indigenous and People of Color.

Nov. 14 and 15: a two-day event on building collective power to advance a more equitable food system, led by leaders in the Black food sovereignty movement.