Become a Food Secure Canada Member


Food Secure Canada is always reviewing and improving how we’re organized so we can fulfill our mission and serve our community better. We are currently exploring ways to improve our governance model and membership structure, so you can expect updates on this page. We are dedicated to being transparent, inclusive, and accountable as we go through this process. 

Every voice matters in our journey towards a just, healthy, and sustainable food system. As a member of Food Secure Canada, you join a dynamic network of individuals, organizations, and initiatives committed to strengthening our food systems.

Why become a member?

By becoming a member, you’ll contribute to our collective mission and play an active role in shaping the future of our organization. Our members have voting rights at our Annual General Meetings (AGMs), Special Meetings, and online elections, giving you a say in our governance and the direction of our initiatives.

What does membership involve?

Becoming a member starts with filling out the form below to formalize your commitment. To further enhance the strength and reach of our initiatives, we invite you to make an annual financial contribution.

We believe membership fees should not be a barrier in any way, which is why our membership fees operate on a ‘pay what you can‘ basis and the amounts in the form are provided as suggestions only. 

Once your membership is confirmed, you will have the right to vote in board member elections and on AGM and Special Meeting resolutions.

Join the movement today.

Individual membership (Annual fee)

  • Individual Member – Waged : $ 35.00
  • Individual Member – Unwaged : $ 12.00
  • Sustaining Member : $ 95.00

Organisational membership (Annual fee suggestions)

These are just suggested amounts. You will be able to enter the amount of your choice when filling out the form.

  • Annual budget under $250,000 or no permanent staff”: $100
  • Annual budget under $500,000: $500
  • Budget under $1,000,000 : $ 1000
  • Budget over $1,000,000 : $ 2500
  • Associate Organisation : $ 1000