We all have a personal food policy that speaks to our health, our income level, our ethical and cultural priorities. Yet if we were to look at our country, we would find it deeply divided when it comes to food.

High rates of food insecurity have persisted across the provinces and territories that participated in the survey. Food insecurity is a serious public health problem that takes a measurable toll on individual health and well-being, and costs our health care system.

Trillion dollar investor coalition demands corporate action on ‘systemic overuse’ of antibiotics in global meat and poultry supply chains.

On April 2, 160 people representing unions, political parties, civil society, and more joined Food Secure Canada for a luncheon entitled Let’s Talk Food Policy at the Broadbent Institute’s Progress Summit in Ottawa.

Amanda Sheedy, FSC’s Director of Development and Engagement, is moving on from her role with us. Her work has been instrumental not only in advancing the work of FSC, but also in strengthening Canada’s food movement.

26 Canadian organizations, and growing, are calling on our governments to restrict food and beverage marketing to children, age 16 and younger. Together, we stand behind The Ottawa Principles, a set of definitions, scope and principles meant to guide marketing to kids restrictions in Canada.

We echo the Senate's call for an urgent overhaul of Canada's Food Guide, and want to see the sustainability of food systems included in the redefinition of healthy food.  

Resetting the Table, Food Secure Canada’s 9th Assembly, promises to be our most exciting, diverse and largest yet, nested in a city where the food movement thrives in every neighbourhood. Whether you are a chef, a farmer, a student, a community health organizer, a policy maker, an activist or a business person, Resetting the Table will have a place for you.

MPs and Ministers join Food Secure Canada and the Coalition for Healthy School Food for a Great Big Crunch

Food Secure Canada is beginning to sprout... and very much needs new fertile ground! We are looking for new office space in Montreal as soon as possible and appreciate any leads you can share. 

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