Join 700 food activists, chefs, researchers, community workers, Indigenous leaders, policy makers, entrepreneurs and interested foodies from across the country for Canada's biggest and most diverse food gathering, Resetting the Table, Food Secure Canada’s 9th Assembly  October 13-16th in Toronto. Registration is open and new program details will be announced soon. 

The agricultural input industry is already highly concentrated with the “Big Six” (Syngenta, Dow, DuPont, Monsanto, Bayer, and BASF) controlling 75% of agricultural input sales globally. But the players are going to be even fewer if these corporate giants are allowed to pursue a series of mergers and acquisitions that will transform the sector.

New report aims to advise corporations on how to better build trust in the food system without actually changing any practices that gave rise to the mistrust in the first place.

To create a coherent national food policy, Canada needs dietary guidelines that integrate nutrition and sustainability. 

Who funds the Canadian food movement, what does their research on the current national food landscape reveal, and what do these funding organizations identify as future granting priorities? This recent report by the emerging Canadian food funders group answers these questions, providing a very useful guide for FSC members and others seeking philanthropic support. Stakeholders from the academic, agriculture, government, non-profit and private sectors contributed to the report.

The report is one of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s measures of the strength of the agriculture sector and its contribution to Canada’s economy. This forecast represents a federal-provincial consensus on the outlook for farm cash receipts, expenses and net incomes.

Vigilance OGM launched the Demand Labeling! campaign for mandatory GMO labeling in Quebec. The campaign, which demands the right to know what can be found on our farms and on our plates, is allied with both the North American movement for GMO labeling and the global movement for more local and less chemical agriculture.

"Let’s not conflate a food waste strategy with a poverty reduction strategy." says Nick Saul CEO and President of Community Food Centres Canada.

As a pan-Canadian alliance of organizations and individuals working together to advance food security and sovereignty, we invite the public and experts to gather for a grand banquet of ideas at World Social Forum 2016, which will take place August 9th-14th in Montreal.

The Canadian Food Security Policy Group, a coalition of 26 international development agencies, has released a new report on global food security and climate change. 

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