Resetting the Table, Food Secure Canada’s 9th Assembly, promises to be our most exciting, diverse and largest yet, nested in a city where the food movement thrives in every neighbourhood. Whether you are a chef, a farmer, a student, a community health organizer, a policy maker, an activist or a business person, Resetting the Table will have a place for you.

The report is one of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s measures of the strength of the agriculture sector and its contribution to Canada’s economy. This forecast represents a federal-provincial consensus on the outlook for farm cash receipts, expenses and net incomes.

Vigilance OGM launched the Demand Labeling! campaign for mandatory GMO labeling in Quebec. The campaign, which demands the right to know what can be found on our farms and on our plates, is allied with both the North American movement for GMO labeling and the global movement for more local and less chemical agriculture.

"Let’s not conflate a food waste strategy with a poverty reduction strategy." says Nick Saul CEO and President of Community Food Centres Canada.

The Canadian Food Security Policy Group, a coalition of 26 international development agencies, has released a new report on global food security and climate change. 

"The Earls situation is highly visible, but is just one of the opportunities our farmers have lost due to the lack of alternatives in Canada’s system" says Emery Huszka, President of the National Farmers Union in Ontario.

We all have a personal food policy that speaks to our health, our income level, our ethical and cultural priorities. Yet if we were to look at our country, we would find it deeply divided when it comes to food.

As a pan-Canadian alliance of organizations and individuals working together to advance food security and sovereignty, we invite the public and experts to gather for a grand banquet of ideas at World Social Forum 2016, which will take place August 9th-14th in Montreal.

High rates of food insecurity have persisted across the provinces and territories that participated in the survey. Food insecurity is a serious public health problem that takes a measurable toll on individual health and well-being, and costs our health care system.

Trillion dollar investor coalition demands corporate action on ‘systemic overuse’ of antibiotics in global meat and poultry supply chains.

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