Youth Caucus

The Food Secure Canada Youth Caucus (FSCYC) is a vibrant network of young people aged 30 and under, dedicated to engaging and mobilizing youth across Canada in the ongoing dialogue around food issues. 


The Youth Caucus’ Mission

The FSCYC aims to convene young people from varied perspectives, interests, and backgrounds to collaboratively work towards healthy, just, and sustainable food systems for all.

The Youth Caucus’ Objectives

The FSCYC works to:

  • Ensure youth representation in Food Secure Canada’s decision-making processes and throughout its networks;
  • Provide mentorship and leadership opportunities, along with a safe space for youth to strategize and mobilize around food issues;
  • Continually reach out to engage youth from a diversity of backgrounds and experiences;
  • Enhance the understanding of the complexities and intersections within our current food system; and
  • Hold a safe space for capacity and network building.

Meet the Youth Caucus Team

  • Natalie Weder – Co-chair
  • Safia Khan – Co-chair
  • Julia Witmer – Education Lead
  • Chanel Perreault – Networking Lead
  • Carly Checholik – Grant Lead
  • Katie MacLean – Communications Lead

Elevating Youth Voices: The FSCYC in Action

Discover the significant contributions of the FSCYC through the following projects:

Policy Briefs

The FSCYC provided essential insights into youth-related issues during Food Secure Canada’s consultation periods. Some of our briefs include:

Educational Tools

The FSCYC empowers youth through knowledge. The Caucus developed an infographic tool which informs youth about their rights when working on farms.


Want to get involved?

If you’re interested in volunteering with the FSCYC, or if your organization is committed to engaging youth in food systems or food policy issues, we’d love to hear from you! Reach out to us at