Auditor General to review Nutrition North program

Auditor General to review Nutrition North program

Northern politicians, citizens have been critical of food-subsidy program

Canada’s Auditor General has agreed to review the federal Nutrition North Canada program.

The program was launched in April 2011 and replaced the longstanding Food Mail program. It is meant to provide subsidies on foods across the North.



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School garden becomes business venture for Cape Breton kids

Students at Middle River Elementary School are playing in the dirt and learning about the business world at the same time.

L’image corporelle : comment sensibiliser les jeunes

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Selon le groupe d’action sur le poids Équilibre, l’image corporelle est un phénomène complexe fortement influencé par l’environnement (la famille, les pairs, les enseignants, les médias). Une image corporelle négative peut provenir d’une perception (réelle ou non) que l’on se fait de sa propre silhouette.

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