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School garden becomes business venture for Cape Breton kids

Students at Middle River Elementary School are playing in the dirt and learning about the business world at the same time.

L’image corporelle : comment sensibiliser les jeunes

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Selon le groupe d’action sur le poids Équilibre, l’image corporelle est un phénomène complexe fortement influencé par l’environnement (la famille, les pairs, les enseignants, les médias). Une image corporelle négative peut provenir d’une perception (réelle ou non) que l’on se fait de sa propre silhouette.

Northern & Remote Food


The Northern and Remote Food Network supports and connects our partners who are working towards food security and food sovereignty in Northern (north of 60) and remote communities.

Provincial / Territorial Networks


Each quarter, Food Secure Canada teleconferences with representatives of provincial and regional food security networks and organizations.

Local Sustainable Food Systems Network


The Local and Sustainable* Food Systems Network unites organizations across Canada to strengthen and improve local and regional food systems.

Arviat, Nunavut Youth Trade Kraft Dinner For 'Country Food'

The Arviat Wellness Committee is running a Young Hunters Program, where young adults teach eight- to ten-year-olds how to hunt small game, and a food sciences program at John Arnalukjuak, which aims to teach teens which plants they can grow in greenhouses and which are native to the Arctic.

Universal School Nutrition for Canada: Let’s Join the Rest of the World

FoodShare Executive Director Debbie Field and Anthony Winson, Professor in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Univesity of Guelph, discuss why Canada needs to join the majority of countries in the world in implementing a children's food policy and what is needed to make this successful.


FoodShare's Recipe for Change

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FoodShare is focusing on programs for children and schools to foster both social and food systems change.