[Webinar] Town hall on food policy and the new government

Advocating for a just, healthy and sustainable food system

As parliament returned and as the new government formed, Food Secure Canada looked back at a successful third edition of Eat Think Vote and looked forward to mobilising for a more just, healthy and sustainable food system. 

Immediate opportunities for creating relationships and influencing elected MPs were shared as the concluding activity of Eat Think Vote 2021. With Marie-Claude Bibeau re-appointed as Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food, with lead responsibility for the whole-of-government Food Policy for Canada, how can we advance together and realize the ambition of that long-awaited Policy? The Canadian Food Policy Advisory Council is one mechanism and we shared ideas about how to make it more representative, effective and accountable. 

We extend our thanks to our knowledge partner, the Participatory Food Systems Governance Project. Participatory governance is a powerful tool to create food policy rooted in equity and justice, which honours the planet and its people.

This virtual town hall featured an update from Food Secure Canada and partners, followed by a breakout discussion.