Update on our refresher research project that revisits FSC’s 2019 report "Sustainable Consumption for All” in the light of the Covid-19 pandemic and how it might have impacted different communities.

At the end of May, Food Secure Canada hosted a screening of Food for the Rest of Us and invited three food movement change makers to share their reflections on the film and its themes. Click here to learn more and listen to the discussion.

Government of Canada launches public consultation with potential to influence much needed policy and programming towards food justice, health and sustainability. The deadline to provide input is May 6th. 

A webinar on access to local food in Canadian francophone spaces, from anti-racist and decolonial perspectives.

Farewell Gisèle Yasmeen, Jessica McLaughlin, and Susanna Klassen, and welcome to new board members.

New report on local food access through the lens of anti-racist and decolonial perspectives in francophone spaces in Canada.

Food Secure Canada has conducted an initial review of Prime Minister Trudeau’s new mandate letters for Ministers, using a food systems lens. 

On January 27 2022, we invite our members to join us virtually for the 2021 (2022) Annual General Meeting.

Emissions from food production make up more than a third of global carbon emissions. Yet, food and agriculture received little attention at what is said to be the world's most important climate conference.

As part of our post Eat Think Vote campaign, we have created a template letter for each of the main political parties that you can use to develop or solidify your relationship with your newly elected MP.