Food Secure Canada’s 2023 AGM

After a very active year, it was wonderful to gather with the incredible community of people who support and inspire Food Secure Canada.

Among the many things to celebrate as we closed out 2022, we took the time to present:

  • The FSC team, and the work they have accomplished in the last year, 
  • The new candidates applying to be part of FSC’s Board of Directors
  • And last but definitely not least, the new co-leadership of Food Secure Canada!

This AGM was also an opportunity for us to say farewell to some incredible FSC pillars who have helped mold the organization’s vision and steer the Food Secure Canada ship.

Important 2023 AGM documents:

2023 AGM Agenda



  1. Welcome, territorial acknowledgement, and opening reflections
  2. Call to order I Appointment of Minute Taker I Notice of Meeting I Establishment of Quorum I Adoption of Agenda I Adoption of AGM Minutes
  3. Report from FSC on 2022
    • Board Updates
    • FSC Activities
    • Updates on School Food
  4. Introduction of Co-Executive Directors
  5. Thank You to Outgoing Members
  6. Report from the Treasurer
  7. Transition to the Voting Procedure
  8. Voting Procedure and Explanation of Consensus
  9. Election of New Board Members
  10. Adjournment