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[Webinaire] OGM en 2018 : Où en est la biotechnologie dans nos systèmes alimentaires?

25 avril à 13h00 - Joignez-vous au Réseau canadien d'action sur les biotechnologies pour faire un survol de l'actualité, et pour discuter de la réplique au secteur industriel quant à ses messages publics les plus communs, tel que l'argument que nous avons besoin de plants génétiquements modifiés pour nourrir le monde.

[Webinar] GMOs in 2018: What's the latest on biotech in our food systems?

April 25th at 1:00pm - Join the Canadian Biotechnology Action Network for a run down if the most relevant updates, and a brief response to industry’s key public relations messages including the argument that we need GM crops to feed the world. Bring your questions and issues to the table.

Penser et repenser le Guide alimentaire canadien.

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« Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants. »

[WEBINAR] Agroecology: Integrating Science, Practice and Social Justice

Food Secure Canada, in partnership with CFICE (Community First: Impacts of Community Engagement) is launching a webinar series to share critical reflections and research about Canada’s food system: Building the Food Movement: Cultivating Connections through Critical Conversations.

2017. Dix coups de bouffe et de coeur.

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Une nouvelle année.

City of Toronto Supports a National School Food Program


Toronto, October 4, 2017 - The City of Toronto yesterday joined the City of Vancouver and more than 35 Canadian organizations in calling for federal investment in a national, universal healthy school food program. Motion MM32.9, Supporting a National School Food Program, passed 40 to 2 yesterday evening, demonstrating the City’s ongoing commitment as a champion of healthy food in schools.

Coalition Calls for Better Food in Canadian Schools 


Toronto, August 31, 2017 – As Canadian children head back to school next week, the Coalition for Healthy School Food is sounding the alarm that Canada ranks 37th out of 41 countries in providing access to nutritious food for children.

Finding Common Ground: A collaborative discussion on shaping Canada's National Food Strategy

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Summary Report from the discussions held on June 5th at ‘Finding Common Ground: A collaborative discussion on shaping Canada’s National Food Strategy’, organized by the Canadian Federation of Agriculture.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the summary report, please send them to Scott Ross at or 613-236-3633 ext. 2324.