Staff and Board




Diana Bronson

Executive Director

Diana BronsonDiana joined Food Secure Canada as Executive Director in 2012 and has worked to strengthen FSC as the national voice of the Canadian food movement.  She has been instrumental in mobilizing a wide diversity of organizations and individuals in a national movement for a food policy that would be equitable, healthy and sustainable.   She is an event organizer, a powerful communicator, and a person known to bring diverse people and causes together. Diana is trained as a political scientist and sociologist and has a professional background in journalism (CBC radio) and international human rights (Rights & Democracy) as well as international climate and technology negotiations at the UN (ETC Group.)

Diana's research, policy and advocacy work has centered on supporting social movements around the world, critically reviewing and edcucating around international trade and investment agreements, looking at the impacts of Canadian mining companies, and assessing the social and environmental impacts of emerging technologies. She has participated in many international negotiations on human rights, climate change, biodiversity,  technology and sustainable development over the past two decades. She also worked in a senior position on Parliament Hill from 2006-2008. She lives and works in Montreal.


Jennifer Reynolds

Institutional Food Program Manager

As the Institutional Food Program Manager Jennifer Reynolds will be working strategically with institutions and the supply chain to increase local, sustainable, healthy food on the public plate.  Jennifer has over 15 years experience in working with farmers, organizations and individuals to build relationships and champion the values of local food in order to create sustainable local food systems. She has developed communications strategies, programs and policies in her work including with FoodShare Toronto, the Province of Nova Scotia’s Buy Local Campaign Select Nova Scotia, and the Fruit and Vegetable Working Group of Healthy Eating Nova Scotia. Jennifer looks forward to amplifying the learning opportunities around the policies, frameworks, regulations and programs that will support greater local and sustainable procurement by hospitals, universities, schools and other public institutions.



Debbie Field

coalition for healthy school food coordinator

Debbie has been involved in promoting and improving school food programs for decades, starting when she was a child growing up in New York City where she participated in a free lunch program and loved the mash potatoes and meatloaf but hated the stigma of eating in the “free lunch” cafeteria.  When her children entered grade school she was instrumental as a parent activist in organizing a healthy hot lunch program at her children’s school and then advocating to the City of Toronto to fund student nutrition programs. Over her years as the Executive Director of FoodShare Toronto she and her colleagues were involved in developing innovative and sustainable student nutrition and school food literacy programs and the creation of the Coalition for Healthy School Food.

A social activist and globally recognized leader in the creation of a more socially just and environmentally sustainable food systems, Debbie is currently also a Distinguished Visiting Practitioner with the Centre for Studies in Food Security at Ryerson University. Debbie’s passion for collective action and policy change is informed by her experiences as a community college instructor, union organizer and leadership in a variety of social movements.

Debbie’s accomplishments and influence in Canada’s food movement are well known to us at Food Secure Canada. Her leadership and nurturing of innovative solutions to food systems challenges through community-based approaches are rooted in recognition of progressive policy change.  


Gabrielle Spenard-Bernier

Communications Coordinator

As a communications coordinator and public engagement actor, Gabrielle is in charge of promoting the different activities of Food Secure Canada. Committed to environmental protection and improving global health, Gabrielle completed a Master’s degree in Environmental Health at the Public Health School of Université de Montréal following her undergraduate studies in Biology at Concordia University. After her experience working in communications and marketing for a company developing health-friendly household and personal care products, Gabrielle joined the food movement in June 2017 to promote and create a better food system for all Canadians.

She is passionate about global food cultures, urban agriculture and healthy eating. She also enjoys cooking, creating and taking care of her "edible" backyard and biking.



Rachel Cheng

Coordinator of eat think vote CAMPAIGN; partnership development

Rachel Cheng is the coordinator of the Eat Think Vote campaign, a series of 50 events taking place in Canadian communities, where citizens will dialogue with political candidates on food issues ahead of the federal election.

Rachel completed her Master’s of Public Health at the Université de Montréal, where she focused on food security and sustainable food systems. She has worked with various non-profits as well as the Montréal public health department in project management, event logistics, communications and partnership development. Rachel is also actively involved in the community as an event organizer, photographer, and otherwise sharing the love of good food with people at the market or over a meal.




Susan Alexander

Inside Scoop Editor

Susan Alexander edits the monthly newsletter about national food policy for FSC members and supporters, the Inside Scoop, established in May 2017. She is a communications specialist, with international experience of working with NGOs, Think Tanks and an international news agency, IPS.

Currently putting down roots in the Montreal food movement, Susan volunteers with Santropol Roulant and is a member of a collective garden in her neighborhood.





Danie Martin

Communications assistant

As a communications assistant, Danie supports the communications coordinator in many of her tasks and projects contributing to a better accessibility to relevant and dynamic information. She completed a major in Communications at Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM) followed by a certificate in Community Action at Université de Montréal. Since pre-university college, where she was the Greenhouse activity leader, Danie has always been a firm believer that food is the center of human interactions. Her work as a community development officer in New-Brunswick ignited her interest for community based work and citizen initiatives. While at university, she was involved in grassroots student-lead projects around local food and social ecology with the Public Interest Research Group, which lead her to work as co-coordinator of UQAM's Farmers Market. 

Fairly new to the food movement across Canada, she has endless appetite to discover more initiatives and projects. Cyclist amateur, Danie is an outdoor lover. She also practices yoga, meditation and urban agriculture on her balcony.