FSC's Board of Directors Election 2018


NOMINATION PERIOD - From June 25th to July 18th

Online Polling - From July 25th to August 19th, 2018

Nomination Period and Online voting is now closed.

about the election process





Once the voting period is over, our Nominations Committee (composed of Satya Ramen, Mary Lou Morgan, Paul Taylor and Diana Bronson) will propose a slate of candidates and present it to the Board. The Board will then recommend a slate to our members at our Annual General Meeting in Montreal on November 4th. The recommendation will be based on the result of the voting and an assessment of the needs of the organization (diversity, expertise, etc).

This online voting preference is one of the tools the Nominations committee uses to assess board candidates in relation to the criteria. The membership makes the final decision at the AGM in Montreal on November 4th.

At Food Secure Canada, we care deeply about democratic process and ensuring members have a strong voice in our governance. Thank you for taking the time to participate in this important vote.

You must be a member of Food Secure Canada to nominate or be nominated and to vote for the Board. Become a member. If you are unsure if your membership is up to date, send us an email and we shall check.



Collectively, the Board must fulfill the following criteria:

For 2018-2019, we invite nominations of individuals with a strong background in non-profit leadership, governance, law, and accounting, familiarity with Food Secure Canada’s work and history, and policy knowledge to help steward the organization forward. We are particularly interested in receiving nominees who are First Nations, Metis or Inuit, as well as racialized peoples or people from diverse backgrounds and from the farming community.  

In 2018-2019, the Board will: reflect on strategic directions, steward changes to FSC membership, provide support to our emerging Community of Practice (e.g., facilitating regional conversations), and continue to facilitate organizational development (e.g., fundraising, board succession and governance).



Vanessa Ling Yu

Knowledge or experience working on food

Vanessa Ling Yu founded caterToronto, a Toronto neighbourhoods-based catering network with the mission to cultivate better social and economic outcomes by connecting people and food in ways that are diverse, dignified, and delicious for all! She continues to build caterToronto as a network with and for caterers lacking resources to overcome the high costs of entry to and barriers to succeeding through training, resources, spaces, and services. caterToronto is making in-roads for inclusion in an industry which tends to be unfair to youth, women, queers, seniors, differently-abled, newcomers, and racialized folks. Sustainable food sector training and employment is a recent and promising workforce development initiative that Vanessa co-leads as a part of a consortium. Her knowledge and experience background also includes research, restaurants, and rural areas.

Besides her experience working with community, business, and government stakeholders, she hopes to offer a unique lens to advance mobilization with the FSC Board. Vanessa brings a strong understanding of social, cultural, and economic determinants of health, including the host of food-related opportunities and barriers within communities that are often overlooked at the board level. She has demonstrated a hands-on approach to creating more inclusive and just policies through her roles adjacent to or on boards such as Food Forward, Toronto Youth Food Policy Council, Nova Scotia Food Security Network, and the Growing Food Justice Initiative. Vanessa hopes to use her nearly 15 years experience often acting as a supportive intermediary to bolster FSC’s leadership in meaningfully fostering food security and food sovereignty.

Tinashe Kanengoni

Knowledge or experience working on food

My family in Zimbabwe are cash crop farmers who grow corn, beans, sunflower and various horticultural crops. In Canada I have managed an organic goat farming project in Ontario and managed the Afri-Can Food Baskets Market Gardens at the Black Creek Community Farm . I also have experience working with small scale farmers in the Sub-Saharan region of Africa.

I have more than 10 years non profit leadership experience in food security, health promotion, youth engagement, employment, urban farming, food enterprising and social justice program design, implementation and evaluation.

I am currently a member of the Toronto Food Policy Council

I also have a Masters in Environmental Studies from York University that examined household consumption and food system energy and emission sustainability.

I believe my trans disciplinary and trans-national background and social position can contribute a different lens/ perspective to the policy development/ community building process. My critical thinking capacity can support the development of a participatory, inclusive and ant-oppressive practices, structures, and system that enable and ensure safe, facilitative and respectful environments that provide open and accessible participation, and fair voice elevation.


Bibiana Viguez

Knowledge or experience working on food

As a Community Food Animation Manager, Bibiana leads and partners with community-led organizations to animate neighbourhood-wide food initiatives , including Good Food Markets, Community Gardens, Community Kitchens and developing their own organization, internal structure and capacity.

Bibiana continually works for the communities she supports by working in funder education, explaining limitations for grassroots communities. Her advocacy for grassroots groups has led to several significant funders in Toronto now allowing non-incorporated groups to apply for grants.

Beside her lived experience as newcomer navigating the food system. Bibiana will bring skills in project manager with a focus on food justice, anti-oppression, community organizing, and community-led solutions.


Jessica McLaughin

Knowledge or experience working on food

I am a member of the Long Lake 58 First Nation and grew up in Nakina, Ontario I have spent a good portion of my life on the land learning about the Northern Ontario's natural environment and the forest and freshwater foods available through seasonal harvesting. My involvement in food systems began with the Nishnawbe Aski Nation (NAN) where I worked in community economic development and learned about community governance structures, political landscapes, funding, and most importantly built relationships with people in communities in the NAN territory. I am an executive member with the Thunder Bay and Area Food Strategy and a co-coordinator of the Indigenous Circle, an Indigenous-led regional food network. I have also led a number of research and action projects working with First Nation communities in Northern Ontario and their food security needs.


Julie Price

Knowledge or experience working on food

My family is from a small farm in SW Manitoba. Since childhood I have been interested in the power of food and food systems. I have an Ag degree, a Masters of Natural Resource Management, and work experience in conventional agriculture and not-for-profit sectors. Over the last 15 years, I have learned so much from the people, communities and organizations that I have worked with (Food Matters Manitoba, Harvest Moon Local Food Initiative, Farmers' Markets Association of Manitoba, Opaskwayak Cree Nation, Peguis First Nation, and many more). I appreciate learning from Indigenous people how food plays a role in cultural reclamation, community sovereignty & strengthening. I currently work for the Northern Manitoba Food, Culture & Community Collaborative, hosted by Tides Canada. I have worked with various funders and governments. 


Wendy Roscoe

Knowledge or experience working on food

I have been on the Board as Treasurer for almost 3 years and have supported all facets of the organization's activities from a financial perspective through this work. I have implemented financial reporting changes to accommodate and facilitate our reporting to funders and our community.

I have extensive past Board experience in other not-for-profit organizations, the most relevant of which are the tools to deal with the challenges of growing organizations.

I have extensive professional experience with not-for-profit organizations both as an external advisor, consultant and auditor and as a university professor teaching courses on the government and not-for-profit sector.


Terri Rutty

Knowledge or experience working on food

I am currently the Director of the BC Food Systems Network (a Tides Canada Initiative), I develop policy proposals and offer convening opportunities to strengthen connections for our membership province wide. I work with farmers, ranchers, fishers, First Nations, immigrant and racialized groups, anti-poverty and food security organizations, and community members to nurture capacity and to create awareness around sustainable food. As the Director of Environmental Sustainability at the YMCA of Greater Toronto, I led the implementation of a food strategy which included a 10-acre organic farm, an educational bee apiary, farm camp programming, childcare edible gardens and four green roofs. I am a consultant/facilitator of the Food Trade Game an experiential learning game where participants learn about modern agricultural markets, trade systems, and agriculture through role playing.


Melana Roberts

Knowledge or experience working on food

As a member of the Toronto Food Policy Council (TFPC), and Chair of the Toronto Youth Food Policy Council, Melana has worked on variety of food policy initiatives with a diversity of stakeholders, including farmers, Indigenous communities and regional food networks. Grounded in food justice principles, her work strives to create a more just, equitable and sustainable food system through engagement on 2 simultaneous fronts: on the ground advocacy and community building and food policy development. Melana has led TFPCs Food Champion's initiative, mobilizing 400+ stakeholders to increase food assets in Toronto. Although grounded in Ontario, she has worked closely with local, regional and national stakeholders as the point person on SNPs and food policy issues for the Chair of the Board of Health; and has been involved in the development of Ontario and Canada's first food strategies.

Melana hopes to strengthen the strategic policy direction and foresight of the FSC Board. She brings a strong understanding of food policy issues to the board level, including a knowledge of key actors and policy development processes. Melana also brings significant experience advancing board governance processes, and is eager to draw on her previous board experiences overseeing strategic advocacy planning, conducting by-laws reviews and organizing AGMs to support FSC's work. Melana is also deeply committed to supporting food justice principles, and has worked with a number of non-profits to better operationalize these principles in their work. Furthermore, Melana boasts 5 years experience working in the non-profit sector, and hopes to use her experience to bolster FSC's non-profit leadership and understanding and influence within the sector more broadly.


Ryan Turnbull

Knowledge or experience working on food

My experience in local, sustainable food system development has been mostly concentrated in Ontario. I’ve led approximately 85 projects assisting, non-profits, municipal and regional governments, industry associations, foundations, private enterprises and have completed many collaborative projects for engaging all stakeholders. From feasibility studies and business plans for food based social enterprises, designing urban farms, developing food security policy frameworks, conducting community food assessments, evaluating healthy eating strategies and food literacy programs, developing food hub models and food distribution solutions, assisting municipalities across Ontario to reduce food waste at the household level, and many more.


Larry McDermott

A member of Shabot Obaadjiwan First Nation, Larry McDermott served as an Ontario municipal politician for 28 years including as the first national rural chair of FCM.

He is currently Executive Director of Plenty Canada, a non-profit organization devoted to environmental protection and healthy communities, and Co-chair of the Canadian Environmental Network Biodiversity Caucus. He also serves as a commissioner of the Ontario Human Rights Commission.