Key Figures


The Participants

This Assembly gathered 477 participants including:

112 subsidized guests,

52 entrepreneurs,

21 Indigenous leaders,

39 policy makers,

80 young people attending the FSC youth caucus.


Where did the participants come from?


The sessions

The Assembly featured 60 sessions including workshops, meetings and plenaries giving the occasion for more than 150 presenters to speak.



The 10 highlights from the Assembly

> Read the 10 highlights in our November Newsletter.


What did participants think about the Assembly?

94,62% agreed or strongly agreed that "The national assembly was a unique, celebratory and energizing experience."

94,68% agreed or strongly agreed that "The national assembly was filled with quality content that expanded their understanding of the food system."

87,09% agreed or strongly agreed that "The national assembly allowed them the opportunity to identify needed policy changes on the municipal, provincial and national levels."

84,79% agreed or strongly agreed that "The national assembly enabled them to discuss/debate a variety of food system issues and topics from different perspectives."

89,13% agreed or strongly agreed that "The national assembly was a valuable networking opportunity and has left them with the feeling of being connected to a national community."

92,39% agreed or strongly agreed that "The national assembly gave birth to new ideas and initiatives that they believe will make a real difference in transforming the food system."


Other comments from participants:

"Organic and local food were just great! What a challenge with a Mainstream hotel!!"

"I hope that FSC can grow its resources, as there is a lot more work that could be done... and I would like to work for you!"

"Appreciated opportunities for dialogue and action planning. I'm very happy to see how first nation's leaders (activists, elders, academics) were involved in all aspect of the Assembly (plenaries and concurrent sessions). It is so important that their voice and leadership heads throughout! Great job procuring local, healthy food!"

"I would like to know what is the process through wich FSC is engaging its members/the people or organizations it concerns. What is the process by wich we are developing this unified voice? Beyond the assembly(but including), now do we work together? I would like to see more transparency in the collaboration processes that are in place."

"Hold seperate, complementary events where more fisher folk are able to participate."

"Would be great to have some more sessions with practical advice on a variety or issues. i.e.: - How to lobby government for change on food issues - How would a national policy look logistically at national level etc., "more how to's""

"The speakers were outstanding ! but repetitive session format."

"There was so many good workshops at the same time. Hard to choose."

"I'm leaving energized and inspired."

"This was the best assembly of FSC ! Congrats !"

"Encouraging discussions about food banks and fisheries. I believe an environmental component would be a valuable addition and partnership."

"I would like access to speaker/presentation tools for future work/action."

"If any speakers has a social media profile, have it listed on the program."

"Sessions on how to build capacity would be very valuable"

"I am not sure if there will be information available from the sessions I was not able to attend. It was difficult to choose between sessions."

"I appreciated the action and solution oriented focus of the assembly. A few more academic/mixed sessions might be useful"

"More focus on food waste! Especially when eating our own meals - Some people from restaurant industry - Hosting at universities for less cost?"