Current Board of Directors 2017-2018

The Board has full financial, legal and political responsibility for Food Secure Canada and is accountable to its membership. Find out more on the governance here.


2017-18 Board Members (in alphabetical order)


End of Mandate

Kristina Craig - Secretary YT 2019
Susanna Klassen BC 2020
Larry McDermott ON 2021
Jessica McLaughin - Vice-Chair ON 2021
Nancy Neamtan QC 2021
Julie Price - Alternate Secretary MB 2020
Satya Ramen NS 2020
Melana Roberts - Chair ON 2021
Wendy Roscoe - Treasurer QC 2020
Ryan Turnbull ON 2021


Executive Committee

Kristina Craig - Secretary

Jessica McLaughin - Vice-Chair

Julie Price - Alternate Secretary

Melana Roberts - Chair

Wendy Roscoe - Treasurer




Kristina Craig

Knowledge or experience working on food

As Coordinator of Yukon Anti Poverty Coalition (YAPC) , Kristina works to fulfil the organization's mandate of facilitating the elimination of poverty in Yukon through education, advocacy and action. Areas of interest and knowledge include income assistance, housing and food security. Kristina business Kristina Craig Strategic Solutions provides facilitation and research to a variety of Yukon organizations, governments and departments, including files housing work with the Selkirk FIrst Nation and carrying out community consultations on Yukon College's Strategic Plan for 2013-18.

Contribution to FSC

Kristina’s broad social justice, community animation and northern experiences will be assets to the board. Her understanding of strategic planning and her strong environmental commitments and expertise will be vital as the FSC Board moves forward in supporting and developing food related policies around these challenges. All these along with Kristina’s non profit and fund raising experiences will be so useful as the FSC board builds momentum across the nation and with its counterpart regional networks toward a National Food Policy in Canada.  


Susanna Klassen

Knowledge or experience working on food

Susanna's passion for food began with farming, initially sparked volunteering on organic farms in Latin America, and solidified through several apprenticeships on sheep, goat and vegetable farms in North America. Her work has evolved to take on a research focus to create more sustainable food systems in Canada, and has given her the opportunity to investigate urban and organic agriculture, CSA programs, food sovereignty, the blueberry industry in BC, and local food systems. Following the completion of her MSc, she worked for the Climate Action Team at the BC Ministry of Agriculture, and the Climate Action Initiative to enable farmers to adapt to climate change. She has also enjoyed her roles as coordinator at the McGill Farmers’ Market, teaching assistant in UBC’s Faculty of Land and Food Systems, a member of the FSC Youth Caucus, and an advisor for the Meal Exchange Real Food Calculator.

Contribution to FSC

As a young researcher and PhD student seeking to contribute to food system governance and policy solutions, Susanna would be thrilled to help bridge the important work of FSC with that of the research community. In her previous roles within government, higher education and academia, many of her most valuable experiences have been focused on collaboration and breaking down silos. As board member, she would endeavour to bring her perspective, publication experience, subject matter expertise and rigorous approach as a researcher to the activities of the organization, and to also be an ambassador of FSC values and priorities within the research community. Specifically, she would bring her analytical and communication abilities which would be valuable for evaluating evidence, mobilizing knowledge, and writing for multiple audiences.


Larry McDermott

A member of Shabot Obaadjiwan First Nation, Larry McDermott served as an Ontario municipal politician for 28 years including as the first national rural chair of FCM.

He is currently Executive Director of Plenty Canada, a non-profit organization devoted to environmental protection and healthy communities, and Co-chair of the Canadian Environmental Network Biodiversity Caucus. He also serves as a commissioner of the Ontario Human Rights Commission.


Jessica McLaughin

Knowledge or experience working on food

I am a member of the Long Lake 58 First Nation and grew up in Nakina, Ontario I have spent a good portion of my life on the land learning about the Northern Ontario's natural environment and the forest and freshwater foods available through seasonal harvesting. My involvement in food systems began with the Nishnawbe Aski Nation (NAN) where I worked in community economic development and learned about community governance structures, political landscapes, funding, and most importantly built relationships with people in communities in the NAN territory. I am an executive member with the Thunder Bay and Area Food Strategy and a co-coordinator of the Indigenous Circle, an Indigenous-led regional food network. I have also led a number of research and action projects working with First Nation communities in Northern Ontario and their food security needs.


Nancy Neamtan

Knowledge or experience working on food

Ms. Neamtan is a Strategic Advisor at TIESS (Territoires innovants en économie sociale et solidaire), a social innovation liaison and transfer centre for the Chantier de l’économie sociale Trust. She was one of the founders of the Chantier de l'économie sociale and its Executive Director from 1996 to 2015. As Executive Director of the Chantier, a non-profit organization representing networks of social enterprises (cooperatives and non-profits), local development organizations and social movements, whose mission is the promotion and development of collective entrepreneurship, she helped create new financial tools for collective enterprises (RISQ and the Chantier Trust), co-chaired the Social Economy Community–University Research Partnership from 2001 to 2011, and participated in creating and leading international social and solidarity economy networks.

Ms. Neamtan is recognized internationally as an expert on the social and solidarity economy, working in collaboration with international organizations such as the International Labour Organization and the OCDE's Forum on social innovation. She is a member of the Board of Directions of RIPESS, the Intercontinental Network for the Promotion of Social and Solidarity Economy. Nancy led the Corporation for Economic and Social Renewal of South-West Montréal (1989-1996) after holding a variety of roles in local development and community organizations. She holds two honorary doctorates and is an Officer of the National Order of Québec.

Contribution to FSC

Nancy's rich experiences with the entrepreneurship world and social innovation will be assets to the board and FSC, along with her long experience with non-profit organizations and social enterprises.   


Julie Price

Knowledge or experience working on food

Julie's family is from a small farm in SW Manitoba. She has always been interested in the power of food and food systems. She has an Agriculture degree, a Masters of Natural Resource Management, and work experience in the private and not-for-profit sectors. However, over the last 15 years, she learned so much from the people, communities and organizations that she has had the pleasure to work with (Food Matters Manitoba, Harvest Moon Local Food Initiative, Farmers' Markets Association of Manitoba, Opaskwayak Cree Nation, Peguis First Nation, and many more). She appreciates learning from Indigenous people and learning how food plays a role in cultural reclamation, community sovereignty, and community strengthening. She currently work for the Northern Manitoba Food, Culture & Community Collaborative, hosted by Tides Canada. She also have three kids and lead a garden program in their school.

Contribution to FSC

Julie would hope to contribute as the organization sees fit. She has experience in fundraising and community building, and hopes to share what she has learned in working with rural and remote parts of Canada on food systems.


Satya Ramen

Knowledge or experience working on food

Satya describes herself as a policy geek who is passionate about contributing to changes in policies to create healthy, just and sustainable food systems for all. With a background in social and environmental justice, she sees civic engagement in research and policy as key to food justice. She brings experience in coordinating complex projects, working collaboratively with partners from different sectors, disciplines and background across the region (Atlantic Canada) and beyond.

Contribution to FSC

She can contribute in the areas of policy, community building, governance, knowledge translation, project management, participatory leadership and facilitation including Art of Hosting and Deep Democracy processes, budgeting and data management, writing for different audiences.


Melana Roberts

Knowledge or experience working on food

As a member of the Toronto Food Policy Council (TFPC), and Chair of the Toronto Youth Food Policy Council, Melana has worked on variety of food policy initiatives with a diversity of stakeholders, including farmers, Indigenous communities and regional food networks. Grounded in food justice principles, her work strives to create a more just, equitable and sustainable food system through engagement on 2 simultaneous fronts: on the ground advocacy and community building and food policy development. Melana has led TFPCs Food Champion's initiative, mobilizing 400+ stakeholders to increase food assets in Toronto. Although grounded in Ontario, she has worked closely with local, regional and national stakeholders as the point person on SNPs and food policy issues for the Chair of the Board of Health; and has been involved in the development of Ontario and Canada's first food strategies.

Melana hopes to strengthen the strategic policy direction and foresight of the FSC Board. She brings a strong understanding of food policy issues to the board level, including a knowledge of key actors and policy development processes. Melana also brings significant experience advancing board governance processes, and is eager to draw on her previous board experiences overseeing strategic advocacy planning, conducting by-laws reviews and organizing AGMs to support FSC's work. Melana is also deeply committed to supporting food justice principles, and has worked with a number of non-profits to better operationalize these principles in their work. Furthermore, Melana boasts 5 years experience working in the non-profit sector, and hopes to use her experience to bolster FSC's non-profit leadership and understanding and influence within the sector more broadly.


Wendy Roscoe

Knowledge or experience working on food

I do not have any personal experience working in this area but have many years of experience teaching a university-level accounting course on Non-Profit Organizations and am very familiar with funding, accounting and accountability issues common to many NPOs. I am familiar with the community/poverty studies done by Centraide on Montreal and the surrounding area. A family member is engaged in biological research that includes agricultural production and I have an interest in this issue. I think that food security is a growing issue in our land of “plenty”.

Contribution to FSC

My past involvement with Non-Profit Organizations as a Board member and Treasurer of The Study (an independent girls school) and The Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation has given me extensive knowledge of the governance and accountability issues that growing organizations face and I believe my experience would be helpful to FSC at this time. I have implemented and also taught budgeting and project reporting at several organizations and have extensive experience as an external auditor in this field. As FSC grows, internal financial management and external reporting requirements will increase and need to be properly managed. I can contribute in these areas.


Ryan Turnbull

Knowledge or experience working on food

Ryan Turnbull (M.A.), president of Eco-Ethonomics Inc. (, specializes in social enterprise development, collaboration, impact assessment, and policy change. Ryan has led over 70 agri-food sector and sustainable food system projects including: business plans for over 35 food sector social enterprise start-ups; food policy development for 10 municipal/regional governments; community food assessments and environmental scans; sustainability plans for urban and rural agriculture; healthy food initiatives with public health units and healthcare providers; innovative food distribution initiatives, i.e. provincial online route map and food hubs; theory of change and evaluation plan for FSC; 8th National Food Assembly evaluation; and Canadian food funding landscape assessment. Ryan is also a sessional instructor on corporate social responsibility at Ryerson University.

Contribution to FSC

Federal election campaign, looking at ways to significantly increase membership, identifying opportunities for revenue generation, ethical screening and values-based policy related to taking on corporate sponsors, assistance with the next National Food Assembly in Toronto.