What is the food movement's role?

What is the food movement’s role?

Many of the SDGs are directly or indirectly relevant to food systems. 

The Food Policy for Canada, announced in 2019 states that its actions will support meeting the SDGs, and that its forthcoming measurable targets and sub-targets towards meeting its outcomes will be aligned with the SDG framework. A Data Hub by Statistics Canada tracking Canada’s progress towards the SDGs can be found here. Currently, Canada’s progress towards meeting the Sustainable Development goals has stalled. In fact, experts have criticized the Government of Canada for its lack of progress so far. We also believe that to truly advance the SDGs with respect to food systems, a people-centred food system includes immediate action to stop land destruction and end labour exploitation in Canada and abroad in the name of profit. Instead, subsidies should be redirected to support local, small-scale food producers, the diversification of protein supplies, and agro-biodiverse agricultural systems that protect nature. See our blog on COP26 on how food systems, the SDGs, and international conventions relate.




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