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A publication of ATTRA in the USA, the paper addresses how food miles are calculated, investigates how food miles affect producers and... Read more
Take two minutes to complete our online survey to tell us what online tools you use and help us design our communications and the FSC... Read more
We have posted new briefing notes  - check them out!  The goal of FSC briefing notes is to introduce readers to an issue and give... Read more
The so-called "Enviropig™" could soon be the first genetically modified (GM) (also called genetically engineered or GE)... Read more
The HOME campaign was launched in April 2010 at The World People’s Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth in... Read more
Jill Eisen argues it’s not meat that’s the problem—it’s the way we raise it. Tune in to the CBC Radio ... Read more
Learn more about the People's Food Policy Project in a teleconference sponsored by CHNET-Works!  Register by clicking the link below... Read more
On April 26th, 2010 , Michael Ignatieff announced that a future Liberal government would adopt a National Food Policy. You can find... Read more
The Canadian Food Inspection Agency is holding an online consumer consultation on "Product of Canada" and "Made in Canada... Read more
There will be events April 17-21 in Halifax, Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto with reps from Via Campesina, Attac-France and Public Services... Read more
APRIL 14 UPDATE: MPs voted in favour of sending Bill C-474 to the Agriculture Committee for study and amendments. Visit www.cban.... Read more
North Cowichan, BC recently adopted a food charter - another in a number of municipalities who are considering or adopting plans for a... Read more