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Interview conducted by Melanie Klein - development practitioner and environmentalist who is passionate about sustainable food systems.... Read more
By Susan Alexander How to understand food sovereignty? According to Mamadou Goita from Mali it’s a challenge to the wish of the... Read more
Canadian Association for Food Studies panel on food policy and social transformation sets the stage for thinking ‘big’ when... Read more
July 21, 2016 - Food Secure Canada is delighted to see that the newly proposed national food policy was discussed by agriculture... Read more
Food Secure Canada (FSC) works to promote food security and sovereignty. Food is a fundamental pillar when it comes to health and... Read more
As a pan-Canadian alliance of organizations and individuals working together to advance food security and sovereignty, we invite the public... Read more
Pierre Audette: Fundraising and development advisor With more than twenty years as a director, among other responsabilities, for... Read more
Food Secure Canada invites you to join us at the table for the 2016 World Social Forum in Montreal. As a pan-Canadian alliance of... Read more
With the Food Movement Profiles series, we support and highlight the work of Food Secure Canada members across the country. Our amazing... Read more
PROOF is a CIHR-funded, interdisciplinary research program working to identify effective policy interventions to reduce household food... Read more
As Canadian Education Ministers meet in Toronto on July 7 & 8, the Coalition for Healthy School Food is calling on provincial and... Read more
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Media Briefing: Wednesday, July 6, from 2:30-3:30pm EST, Committee Room 1, Toronto City Hall (100 Queen Street... Read more
By Sasha McNicoll - Coalition for Healthy School Food Coordinator  This week, Canada will welcome American President,... Read more
FSC Executive Director Diana Bronson and Board Member Joseph Leblanc had an opportunity to go to Whitehorse at the end of May to... Read more
New report aims to advise corporations on how to better build trust in the food system without actually changing any practices that gave... Read more
To create a coherent national food policy, Canada needs dietary guidelines that integrate nutrition and sustainability. By Jennifer... Read more
By Jennifer Clapp, Chelsie Hunt, and Carly Hayes - University of Waterloo Update September 14 : Bayer signs deal to acquire... Read more
By Susan Alexander and Salma Khalil Who funds the Canadian food movement? What does their research on the current national food... Read more
Upcoming webinar: Tuesday, June 21, 2016, 12-1 p.m. Eastern Read more
The US population is aging rapidly. With increased age, there is a marked increase in healthcare utilization that correlates with... Read more
Social marketing - the application of marketing techniques and principles to influence the public's views and behaviours - has the... Read more
Presented by the Food Institute of the University of Guelph in conjunction with annual Canadian Science Writers’ Conference Guelph... Read more
Alaska regulators are working with an Alaska Native organization that wants... Read more
For my entire life, my doctors, my parents and my government have sent me one clear message about food: Nutrition is a key component of... Read more
It spends $1.3 billion a year to feed students and help small farmers. Your move, Canada. The idea that Canada should catch up with the... Read more