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Here are examples of reports from some of SKYC’s program partners which display innovative and exemplary program activities and... Read more
Here are examples of reports from some of SKYC’s program partners which display innovative and exemplary program activities and... Read more
BUILD A SUSTAINABLE FOUNDATION − Offer breakfast every school day* − Ensure the breakfast club is universal by encouraging... Read more
.Welcome and respect every student within the school; .Operate in an easily-accessible location that is stigma-free and welcoming...
Because increasing personal fitness and becoming healthier is critical to achieving a better and longer life, President George W. Bush... Read more
Stakeholders are ready to work in partnership in support of a national policy:  The Canadian Produce Marketing Association and the... Read more
Alberta Food Matters: Mission: Engaging Albertans in strategies to ensure secure access to adequate amounts of safe, nutritious,... Read more
Food insecurity and hunger are significant problems in Canada, in which millions of Canadians experiencing some level of food insecurity.... Read more
Learn from the research results and better serve our school network and the supported students.
In schools across Ontario, Student Nutrition Programs(SNPs) aim to provide nutritious snacks and mealsto children and youth. The Ministry... Read more
Pure Finnish food is safe and healthy. In Finland we can grow oats, barley, wheat and rye, and we also have turnip rape fields, potatoes,... Read more
As the kids head back to school next week, over a quarter million elementary students can look forward to nutritious hot and cold lunches... Read more
When you think of breakfast and lunch programs at public schools, it usually brings to mind kids and youth whose parents can't afford... Read more
The School Meal and School Nutrition Program Handbook has been created to support school meal coordinators, school administrators,... Read more
Strategic Communications fielded six questions for FoodShare, testing the Ontario public’s response to recent measures in... Read more
First Nations, Métis and Inuit (FNMI) are among Canada’s most vulnerable populations and face a unique set of challenges related to... Read more
Wast(ED), the Waste Education speaker series, features organizations and initiatives that are changing the way we reduce, reuse and... Read more
Some promising and innovative practices among student nutrition programs in New Brunswick presented by Cheyenne Mary, New Brunswick... Read more
During the 2014/2015 academic year, the Alberta Policy Coalition for Chronic Disease Prevention (APCCP), Alberta Food Matters (AFM), and... Read more
CARMEN CHAI: In 2012, Texas mom Bettina Siegal learned about pink slime, a notorious ground beef made with different parts of... Read more
EVA KOVACS: Dalhousie school is a buzz with activity, well before the morning bell rings. Anywhere from 60 to 90 students arrive... Read more