The following list of national webinars and teleconferences that are offered by FSC and our partners from different organizations across Canada. 

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Presenté par le Réseau canadien d'action sur les biotechnologies Le Canada est le quatrième plus important producteur de cultures GM (... Read more
Presented by the Canadian Biotechnology Action Network Canada is the fourth largest producer of genetically modified (GM, also called... Read more
Food Secure Canada, in partnership with CFICE (Community First: Impacts of Community Engagement) launched a webinar series to share... Read more
The Northern Food Network is continuing with its Webinar Series highlighting innovative projects, organizations and initiatives working to... Read more
Monday February 5th, 1-2pm EST 2017 was a busy year for food policy, and 2018 is shaping up to be even bigger! From the much anticipated... Read more
La majorité des Canadiennes mange dans des institutions scolaires, des campus universitaires, des hôpitaux et des centres de soins de... Read more
Canadians eat at institutions such as schools, campuses, hospitals and long-term care facilities every day – but often little of this food... Read more
  After fifteen years of advocacy, the federal government is preparing A Food Policy For Canada. FSC members and friends were... Read more
On Wednesday, October 25, 2017 CFICE presented Faculty Voices: Stories and lessons for improving your CCE partnerships. The webinar... Read more
The Northern Food Network (NFN), which was a network developed through Food Secure Canada in 2010 and ran for 5 years, is being revived... Read more