Put Food in the Budget!

 A presentation and a conversation about the 2013 Federal Budget, the Alternative Federal Budget and how we can Put Food in the Budget, held on March 20th!


Each year the federal government adopts an annual budget, often the most important piece of legislation, because it shows how it raises and spends our dollars. However, the federal budget does not actually have a dedicated section on food.

The Canadian Center for Policy Alternatives creates an annual Alternative Federal Budget focused on a commitment to an economic, social, and environmental agenda that reflects the values of a large majority of Canadians. This year, the 2013 Alternative Federal Budget includes a chapter on Food Sovereignty for the first time, written by Food Secure Canada members and partners.


Our presenters:

David Macdonald is the Senior Economist who coordinates the Alternative Federal Budget for the Canadian Center for Policy Alternatives. David has also written on a variety of topics, from Canada's real estate bubble to Aboriginal income inequality, and he is a regular media commentator on national policy issues.

Diana Bronson is the Executive Director at Food Secure Canada joining the team in late March 2012. Diana is trained as a political scientist and sociologist and has a professional background in journalism and international human rights. She has participated in many international negotiations on human rights, climate change, technology and sustainable development over the past two decades


Webinar date: 
Wednesday, March 20, 2013 - 7:15pm
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