Webinar: Mind Your Business! Financial Literacy and Effective Business Management for Farmers

Hosted by: FarmStart

Presenter: Richard Wiswall

When: 12 noon-1:30pm EST, December 8th 2015

Cost: $25 or a discounted rate on series of 4 webinars

To register click here. Registration closes Tues Dec 1st 2015 at midnight.

What does it mean to be "In Business"? Why should you keep records? Because Richard said so? No! To better manage your farm business so you can work less and make more money? Yes! Now that you are in the farming business, learn the language of business. Be a highly effective manager, learn the macro and micro tools of financials, and benefit from some quick tips for success.

Mind Your Business! is a more advanced course that follows Richard’s Planning For Profit. In 2013 Farm Management Canada, the Ecological Farmers Association of Ontario and the Central Ontario Agricultural Conference hosted Richard for a web presentation archived as an Agriwebinar. Richard has generously agreed to answer questions from the Planning for Profit Agriwebinar as well as Mind Your Business! during the question period on Dec 8th, so maximize your time with him by watching Planning for Profit in advance and taking lots of notes!

This webinar is the first in FarmStart's Farm Viability Series, which comprises both webinars and courses in Guelph and Chatham-Kent, Ontario. The Farm Viability Series gives current and prospective farmers the tools to make confident and effective business decisions based on their finances.

Webinar date: 
Tuesday, December 8, 2015 -
12:00pm to 1:30pm


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