Child Nutrition Development Program

A Saskatchewan program feeding kids at school and after school.

Part 1: Promising Student Food Programs

Child Nutrition Development at REACH, Regina, SK, is not just about feeding children - it also includes supporting children, families and the community to have food security.

REACH partners directly and supports 20 schools and organizations to deliver breakfast, lunch, snack and supper programs and over 150 other schools and organizations to deliver food security and education services.

Promising Student Food Programs: This webinars series will highlight some of the promising practices and models in Student Food Programs across Canada.  It is initiated with member of: Raising the Bar on Student Food Programs and Policies.


Dana Folkerson has been the Executive Director of REACH ( since 2008. She is also the current co-chair of Food Secure Saskatchewan (a volunteer, provincial organization). Her extensive career has included working in municipal government, health care, non-profit organizations, private business and provincial government. While working across these various sectors, her experience includes community and social development, food security development, facility operations, sport, culture, and recreation, volunteer development, fundraising, non-profit governance and public participation, policy research and development, and human and financial resource management.  The majority of Dana’s food security experience has been urban-based, with a strong focus on reducing poverty and child hunger. Throughout Dana’s career, food security for children, families and seniors has always been a priority as she continues to work to improve the lives for all Saskatchewan residents.

Webinar date: 
Thursday, February 20, 2014 - 6:00pm
Network group: 
- Private group -


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