[Research Report] Sustainable Consumption for All: Improving the accessibility of sustainably-produced foods in Canada

Food Secure Canada led a research project (April 2018 - March 2019) to better understand how consumers living with low-incomes value and access sustainably grown foods, what barriers they face in doing so and what policy measures could be undertaken to facilitate greater access.


Interest in sustainably grown food has grown exponentially in recent decades and the linkages between sustainable food, human and planetary health are receiving increasing acknowledgement from policy-makers. While accessing more sustainably grown food has been a growing consumer priority for some time, this research is particularly timely as the federal government is currently developing a Social Innovation and Social Finance Strategy, a Poverty Reduction Strategy, and a Food Policy for Canada. A better understanding of how to expand the accessibility of sustainably grown food connects to poverty reduction, social innovation and food policy.

Research findings will enable Food Secure Canada and partners to provide valuable insights on policies to improve the accessibility of sustainable foods and to increase dialogue between food security and food sustainability stakeholders, while building the movement for sustainable foods for all.

Key research findings were presented during a webinar, June 10th. The recording and slides are available.

See the research report on focus groups by Dr Kramer



Food Secure Canada has received funding from Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada’s Contributions Program for Non-profit Consumer and Voluntary Organizations. The views expressed in this report are not necessarily those of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada or the Government of Canada.

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This research will help a lot of people. Everything comes down to food and consumption since everyone eats to live. I agree with the improvement of the sustainable produced goods. Also, during pandemic lot of farmers lost income due to restaurants and other food chains was forced to close. I hope for the better for these people.

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