A people-centred approach to food policy making: Lessons from Canada’s People’s Food Policy project

By Charles Z. Levkoe & Amanda Sheedy

Published in the Journal of Hunger and Environmental Nutrition

This paper reflects on a major public engagement process that was established to develop a Pan-Canadian food policy based on the principles of food sovereignty. The authors present an account of the People’s Food Policy (PFP) as a social and political experiment that mobilized a diversity of civil society networks and Indigenous people to establish transformative spaces and processes for (re)claiming control of the food system. They argue that the PFP process was a successful, yet imperfect model of a people-centred, counter-hegemonic policy-making process enacted through food movement networks that provided important lessons for advancing public participation in decision making and action.



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Consultations were held with organizations representing farmers, fishers, and the food industry; civil society groups with interests in food security, health, and the environment; academics and other experts; officials with provincial, territorial, and local governments; and Indigenous Representative Organizations. - Karts | roof replacement service