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Has our species already reached its peak ability to produce the food it needs to survive in compatibility with our planet?  Or could we change forever the impact of humankind on the plants, animals, water, air, and, ultimately, each other?

A new book by Richard DuWors, available for free to download, examines the little cultural seeds that have been planted by chefs, farmers, grocers, market gardeners, greenhouse growers, health units, political candidates, and churches that have flowered into an alternative food system in Eastern Ontario.

The six research papers in the book tell the stories of these catalysts for change, based on interviews with the author.

Topics covered include:

  • A local food network of chefs, farmers, and grocers
  • A greenhouse transitioning its' business to local food markets
  • Food policy influencers shaping a sustainable food system
  • Initiatives to feed cities with fresh local food year round in cold climates
  • A pioneer of organic farming reflecting on the roots of the movement, and
  • A little church run farmers market whose proceeds help address food insecurity at the international level.

But these are not just stories, for the author refers to the growing literature in the field to derive lessons learned from their experiences.  For example, the need to create values driven enterprises, the importance of local food infrastructure to support these enterprises, the role of governments and institutions in helping or thwarting a sustainable food system, and how crises such as climate change, oil shocks and the covid-19 pandemic increase the urgency of moving toward greater self-sufficiency and sustainability in the food system.








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Food policy influencers shaping a sustainable food system, great clicker heroes game to pass time.

Food policy influencers shaping a sustainable food system, great this platform game to pass time.

Local food is known for less chemicals used. That's why more people love buying on local market than the ones sold in super malls. We need more people to invest on despersing such locally grown foods.


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