Healthy Habits: Student Guide to Nutrition and Fitness Resources

Accredited Schools Online created a guide to nutrition and fitness to help students of all ages and their families better understand the effects of poor nutrition, and how best to eat well, exercise regularly, and live a healthy lifestyle. Key elements of the guide include:

  •  Nutrition tips and resources for high schoolers and other K-12 students
  • Facts and figures about student obesity and fitness in America
  • Interviews with two leading nutrition experts
  • Tips for healthy eating and exercise at home

Two nutrition professionals lent their thoughts and expertise to this guidebook. Shari Partnoy is a registered dietitian, published author, and regular contributor on CNN and the Dr. Oz Show. Bonnie Y. Modugno is a nutrition consultant, author, and speaker.

Read the guide here.


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Gaining access to gym members who have been sold on becoming certified personal trainer the virtues and values of personal training certainly makes that job so much easier.