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GENERAL NEWSLETTER                                                                      October 4th, 2012

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Big Industry, Big Problem

The massive recall of beef that may be contaminated with E. coli and the shut down of the XL plant in Alberta highlights the vulnerability of our food systems when so much depends on one massive plant. What started out as a recall of hamburger has expanded to include other forms of beef distributed across Canada to the outlets where most Canadians get their food.  One plant is affecting the kitchens and threatening the digestive systems of millions of Canadians.

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Nominations to the FSC Steering Committee

Are you interested in being part of a dynamic team of people from across Canada? Do you have skills that could help Food Secure Canada grow and prosper? Do you know someone that might fit the bill?

There's still time to nominate yourself or someone you know to become a member of Food Secure Canada's Steering Committee!  The deadline is October 5. More information.

The People's Food Policy Goes Global

The Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance (AFSA), a new coalition of community food advocates, is mirroring the People's Food Policy process to map out a vision for a secure, safe, sustainable and fresh local food supply.  An AFSA statement on this process is available at http://australian.foodsovereigntyalliance.org/

Over the next three months the Alliance wants to hold a series of kitchen table discussions and public forums around Australia, to collect Australians' views on how they will feed themselves.

Sustain Ontario Looks Forward to New Local Food Act

As families gather to celebrate another year of bountiful harvest, the Ontario government is celebrating with a Local Food Act.  The bill, which was announced earlier this fall and launched on October 4th, 2012 at the Premier's Agri-Food Summit, claims to promote, support and celebrate the good things grown and made in Ontario. Although the official text of the Act is not available as we go to press, members of Sustain Ontario, the alliance for healthy food and farming, are thrilled about this positive step forward Ontario food sectors.

"We see this as an Act that everyone can get behind, which is exactly what Sustain Ontario is all about." says Director Ravenna Nuaimy-Barker.  "There has been a lot of consultation over the last few months, and we hope that this act will be a policy that will support some of the amazing food ideas that our members are doing on the ground."

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GM Corn Safety Study a Challenge for the Biotech Industry, Regulators and the Food Movement

by Lucy Sharratt, Coordinator, Canadian Biotechnology Action Network (CBAN)

A groundbreaking study on the safety of a genetically modified (GM or genetically engineered) food – the first study of a GM corn over the lifespan of laboratory rats - has been published and the resulting international controversy has only just started. The credibility of the study is being questioned and the results disputed. While debate and follow-up are a necessary part of the scientific process, coordinated dismissals from “experts” and character assassinations are a predictable part of the biotech industry backlash. Sorting out legitimate scientific questions from red herring arguments is ongoing. In the meantime, the new study clearly exposes a long-standing problem with government regulation for GMOs, and legitimately poses the question of GM food safety.

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BCFSN Puts Food Security on the Political Agenda

The BC Food Systems Network (BCFSN) has released a paper that highlights the food system-related problems facing the province and lays out a range of recommendations.

The BCFSN is calling on the government to take steps to improve access to food, boost local agriculture, promote sustainability, and ensure ministries work more efficiently.

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Eco Farm Day 2013

Eco Farm Day, hosted by Canadian Organic Growers (COG), Ottawa Chapter, is the leading learning and networking conference for organic agriculture and food in Eastern Ontario and beyond.

The next edition is scheduled for Saturday, February 23rd 2013, in Cornwall, Ontario. The theme of Eco Farm Day 2013 is "Water - Emerging Issues for the Organic Producer". COG is pleased to announce our keynote speaker for 2013: Maude Barlow on the subject of "Water - Emerging Issues for the Organic Producer". 

This is a call for presentations by anyone with a good educational subject or experience to share with organic farmers, processors, businesses, and enthusiasts.  While COG would like to attract presentations linked to the theme of water, they are also open to other useful educational material. Please send proposals to Tom Manley at tom@homesteadorganics.ca.

Webinars on Resiliency, Charitable Status, Financial Management for CED Organizations, and more

The Canadian Community Economic Development Network (CCEDNet) is offering a new national webinar series starting this fall.  Following the session on co-ops, they will be looking at Community Resiliency, the Canada Revenue Agency's new guidelines for charitable status of CED activities, and the financial management of CED organizations with some of the leading experts in the country.  Registration will be announced shortly. 

Right to Food and Nutrition Watch 2012

Civil society representatives launching Who Decides About Global Food and Nutrition? – Strategies to Regain Control (PDF), the fifth annual report on the right to food and nutrition state that it is impossible to combat the causes of hunger while keeping existing power relations untouched.

The global report Right to Food and Nutrition Watch 2012 gives a multitude of examples of the severe violations of the right to food and nutrition that the current food system is provoking: from forced evictions and land grabbing by companies or corrupted members of governments, to inappropriate food supply programs or speculative investments in agrofuels.

FSC Contemplates New Bylaws

All federally incorporated non-profits are obliged to ensure that their bylaws comply with the new Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act, and FSC is no exception.  This issue has been discussed by our Steering Committee and a Governance Sub-committee has been hard at work understanding the new regulations and discussing what changes are required to our bylaws.  The governance committee members are: Diana Bronson, Eric Chaurette, Tatiana Fraser, Cathleen Kneen, Joyce Rock and Shawn Pegg.  This committee will report on its work at this year's Assembly and all members will have an opportunity to weigh in on how we should proceed with the changes over the next year. In fact, this is an opportunity to collectively look at the kind of organization we want to build for the future.  In the meantime, several short-term changes are necessary simply to reflect the new reality of our organization, with an office in Montreal, full-time staff and some funding for our work.  Those changes will  be circulated to members so that they can be adopted at the AGM.  Make sure you are not leaving Edmonton before Sunday's lunch-time AGM (food provided)!

FSC Hires New Staff and Intern

We are pleased to welcome our new staff, Abra Brynne and Nydia Dauphin, and our intern Ophelia Gasser to the FSC team.

Abra Brynne - Local and Sustainable Food Systems Network Coordinator

Abra Brynne is an agriculture and food systems consultant who has worked closely with farmers and others for more than two decades. She focuses on market access and the regulatory regimes that impact agriculture. Abra also has extensive experience with environmental and social standards and certification systems as they relate to food production. Over the past twenty-two years she has been involved with one of North America’s most successful natural foods co-op, allowing her to develop an intimate understanding of alternative markets, consumers, producers and distribution systems. Abra brings an enthusiasm and passion for food systems work rooted in the belief that thriving farms and food systems are our future.

Nydia Dauphin - Administration and Communications Assistant

Nydia enjoys blogging about ethical consumption, food sovereignty and sustainable development. At present, she is a member of the Observatory on Food Sovereignty, which is a part of the University of Montreal’s Réseau d’études des dynamiques transnationales et de l’action collective (REDTAC). The aim of this developing observatory is to serve as a repository of information on food sovereignty. In addition to holding a B.A. double major in Economics and International Development Studies from McGill University, she holds an M.Sc. in International Studies from the University of Montreal. Her thesis, entitled The Impact of the Production of Biofuels in Canada on National Food Security, has allowed her to gain considerable insight into the Canadian biofuel industry. In her spare time, Nydia enjoys gardening, biking and painting.

Ophelia Gasser - Marketing and Finance Intern

Ophelia Gasser is a second year co-op student, studying International Business at Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec. She began interning with Food Secure Canada in September and will be until mid-December. Ophelia grew up on a dairy, beef, and crop farm in the Eastern Townships of Quebec. Her upbringing consisted of watching her family milk cows, feed calves and drive machinery and this influenced her decision in wanting to be a part of her family’s 4th generation farm. She would work and help with the daily farming chores whenever she could. Ophelia currently resides in Montreal, but travels back home to the Townships often to enjoy the farm and quietness of the countryside. Ophelia’s hobbies consist of biking, cooking, playing sports/games and working outside.

USC Canada Is Hiring

USC Canada, a leading social justice organization committed to global and local food security and food sovereignty, is hiring an Ottawa-based Director of Finance and Administration. The Director of Finance and Administration provides strategic direction and leadership in the planning, development, and implementation of USC Canada’s financial systems and procedures. More information.

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