Bits and Bytes | News from the Food Movement - November 2016

More than 900 people joined Resetting the Table, our 9th Assembly, for an unforgettable meeting of ideas, collective action and inspiring encounters. This newsletter provides a summary of the highlights from each day and of course, there will be many more articles, projects and conversations stemming from the Assembly. In the upcoming months, Food Secure Canada will be looking to our members and supporters to participate in consultations and campaigns around the national food policy. We are encouraged by the statements made by government representatives and energized by Assembly participants who want to be involved. We now have a unique opportunity to reflect on what was harvested during the Assembly and work together for a more fair, healthy and sustainable food system. Plus, check out the issues involved in Canada's Food Guide announcement.

Making Sense of the New Healthy Eating Strategy

On October 24 at the Canadian Cardiovascular Congress in Montreal, Health Minister Jane Philpott unveiled the federal government’s vision for a healthier Canada. This includes measures to increase healthy living and improve mental health but has, at its centre, a Healthy Eating Strategy that seeks to support Canadians in choosing healthy diets. [Read More]

Harvesting Solutions Sunday at Resetting the Table – Highlights of the day

What better way to celebrate World Food Day 2016 than by listening to Dr. Carolyn Bennett, Minister of Indigenous and Northern Affairs, tell the Canadian food movement that Nutrition North needs to be “completely overhauled” and that developing the new national food policy needs a “holistic…whole of government approach” ? [Read More]

Innovation Saturday at Resetting the Table - Highlights of the Day

Innovation, helpfully defined as “significant positive change” by opening speaker John Ikerd (Professor Emeritus, Missouri), was the theme of Saturday at Resetting the Table. [Read More]

Food Policy Friday at Resetting the Table - Highlights of the Day

Food policy wonks, gardeners, farmers, good food activists and foodies were fed a HUGE buffet today of food system banter, discussions and chats at day two of Resetting the Table. [Read More]

Food Sovereignty Thursday at Resetting the Table - Highlights of the Opening Plenary

FSC's 9th Assembly was launched with a public event, Decolonizing the Table: An Evening on Indigenous Food Sovereignty, on October 13. [Read More]

Action Needed from Federal Government on Student Nutrition, says The Coalition for Healthy School Food

The federal government's new approaches to healthy eating will include new eating guidelines, as well as new rules for marketing and labelling certain foods aimed at children. [Read More]

Other News:

[The Globe and Mail] Why a new national strategy on food can't satisfy all

The Liberal government has promised to create Canada’s first-ever national food policy. But, as Ann Hui writes, with diverse demands from agriculture groups, the food industry and environmental advocates, it has a lot on its plate. [Read more]

[CBC] Health Minister Jane Philpott announces new food labelling, marketing regulations

The federal government is overhauling Canada's healthy eating guidelines with a sweeping strategy that will include new rules for marketing and labelling certain foods aimed at children. [Read more]

[Inside Toronto] Jamie Oliver joins Stop Marketing to Kids Coalition to find solution to Canadian youth obesity​

Chef Jamie Oliver joined members of the Stop Marketing to Kids Coalition at Evergreen Brick Works in Toronto Thursday, Oct. 6 to talk about childhood obesity. [Read more]

[David Suzuki] Food security is important for humans and other animals

"Sadly, it's not just humans who are affected by mismanagement of food systems and the ecosystems of which they are a part. Wildlife feel the impacts as well. The primary threats of habitat loss and degradation faced by some of Canada's at-risk species are compounded by food insecurity." [Read more]


Save the Date:

[Conference] Advancing Food Insecurity Research in Canada

November 17-18, 2016
Hart House, University of Toronto

This conference hosted by PROOF will provide an opportunity to share new and emerging research in food insecurity. Conference attendees can expect to learn what is known about the relationship between food insecurity and health, how food insecurity interfaces with social vulnerability, and what the broader social and economic implications of this problem are. The conference will facilitate discussion about the impact of existing policy interventions and the potential for new policy ideas like a basic income to tackle food insecurity. [More info]

[Webinar] Making the most of mealtimes in long-term care

November 17, 2016 @ 12:00PM - 01:00PM
Online Webinar

A-HA research scientists Dr. Heather Keller and Dr. Lisa Duizer are researching mealtimes in long-term care to develop strategies that not only improve nutrition but also promote well-being and quality of life. In this webinar, you will learn about promoting nutrition and enhancing the mealtime experience for long-term care residents. [More info]