Bits and Bytes | News from the Food Movement - May 2017

We are ready to plant new ideas for Spring! Just as the government prepares to reveal their dates for public consultations, Food Secure Canada has released the first of a series of discussion papers to fuel future debates. Your involvement is critical in order to make sure our voices are heard. We need a food policy that is coherent, democratic, integrated and created to benefit all people. Now is the time to act so we can reap the fruits of our labor tomorrow!

From Patchwork to Policy Coherence: Principles and Priorities of Canada's National Food Policy

The federal  government is expected to launch its consultation on a national food policy in the coming weeks and Food Secure Canada is releasing a discussion paper outlining the key principles and  priorities that need to be addressed as the policy is developed. [Read More]

A Basic Income and a Food Security Strategy: Is Ontario tackling food insecurity?

Following a consultation period consisting of online engagement and regional fora, details of a three-year pilot project on basic income were announced last week by the Ontario government. The project aims to study the impacts of a basic income on a few key areas, including food security, health and housing. [Read More]

Beyond Fried Mars Bars and Poutine: Scotland and Canada Reform their Food Systems

National food policy has great potential to combine economic vitality and innovation with positive outcomes for health, food security and sustainability.  That will require a deliberative effort, with a variety of food system actors around the table, including not only industry and government but the non-profit sector as well. [Read More]

10 Lessons on Leveraging Institutional Food Purchasing Power - Webinar on June 7th

This webinar will explore how we can harness the significant food purchasing power of institutions to build local, sustainable food systems. We will share 10 lessons learned about changing institutional food purchasing and food services from 8 institutional food projects across Canada. [Read More]

Call for Papers: Building an Integrated National Food Policy for Canada

We are interested in contributions that explore ways that an effective national food policy would be rooted in the goals of healthy and safe food, social and ecological justice, a robust economy, the rights of Indigenous peoples, and democratizing governance. [Read More]

Guelph Meeting Report

On March 21 2017, Food Secure Canada, the Food Institute at the University of Guelph and the Maple Leaf Centre for Action on Food Security convened a meeting on national food policy. We were eager to see if interested parties from government, the private sector, the non-governmental and academic community could agree upon some lessons from past attempts to develop food policies and help to build an innovative and inclusive process going forward. [Read More]

Other News:

[Job] Communications coordinator

We are presently seeking an experienced and bilingual team player for the position of Communications Coordinator. If you are enthusiastic about the idea of sharing the food movement with new audiences, this is the job for you! [Join Food Secure Canada]

[NFU] Urgent Action Alert: Comments on proposed food safety regulations

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has proposed a major change to food safety regulations. If these regulations are adopted they will increase farmers' costs, increase the cost of food, make it much harder for small fresh fruit and vegetable farmers to survive and would severely damage, if not destroy, the organic sector. [Read more]

[CFICE] Collaborating for a Canadian National Food Policy

When asked about a National Food Policy, Amanda Wilson said that it would “provide a degree of continuity and coherence to the key values that underpin our food system and food government – a just, healthy and sustainable food system – the National Food Policy needs to address food security, health, the environment and economic viability.” [Read more]


Save the Date:

[Event] Canadian Association of Food Studies Annual Assembly

Hosted by CAFS

When? May 27 to May 30.

Where? Ryerson University, Toronto.

The Canadian Association for Food Studies (CAFS) will host its twelfth annual assembly at Ryerson University in Toronto, Ontario, May 27–30, 2017, in conjunction with the Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences.Food Secure Canada staff and members will be participating in several different panels and roundtables throughout the conference. There will also be an update from the Federal government on National Food Policy and Canada’s Healthy Eating Strategy. [More info]

[Webinar] Hospitals & LTCs As Anchor Institutions: Exploring Strategies To Build Health And Wealth In Our Communities

Hosted by Nourish

When? May 25 - 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM Eastern

Where? Online webinar

How can hospitals and long term care homes build the health and wealth of their patients, staff and communities through the food they source and serve? This webinar will explore American and Canadian examples of leadership to position institutions as anchors of wellbeing for the populations they serve [More info]

[Event] Policies, Practices, and Partnerships: Reducing Food Waste Symposium

Hosted by Halton Food Council

When? May 30 - all day

Where? Country Heritage Park in Milton

The symposium will be an opportunity to learn more about the National Zero Waste Council’s National Food Waste Reduction Strategy, best practices, and innovative solutions, and to engage with other FoodThinkers. [More info]