Ready for Canada’s Food Policy?

Tuesday, April 23, 2019 - 5:36pm

With summer fast approaching, we expect the announcement of Canada’s first national food policy in the coming weeks. Last month’s federal budget paved the way by including a budget line for food policy that allocated $134 million dollars for specific initiatives, as well as announcing federal leadership towards a national healthy school food programme.

At the end of April staff and board members from Food Secure Canada will be at the Maple Leaf Food Security Symposium in Toronto. Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau will make an address and we will be listening closely to her remarks on food security. On her recent appointment as Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food we wrote urging her to ensure that Canada’s first national food policy builds a more healthy, equitable and sustainable food system.


A National Food Policy Council

An inclusive governance mechanism for the food policy that includes civil society is another important policy ask. Food Secure Canada has been making the case for a National Food Policy Council together with a multi-stakeholder group, which also wrote to Minister Bibeau following the budget to restate its proposal.


Taking action on healthy eating

Meanwhile, following the successful launch of the groundbreaking Canada Food Guide, we are supporting efforts to implement the remaining pillars of the Healthy Eating Strategy. Act now to encourage your Senator to stop stalling and hold the vote for Bill S-228 which restricts the marketing of unhealthy food and drink to kids. It’s very easy to send a letter directly from the Stop Marketing to Kids coalition site.


Food as an election issue

As the mandate of this government nears its end we are working to ensure that their legacy on food policy is as just, healthy and sustainable as possible. Then, throughout the summer and the early fall our Eat Think Vote 2019 campaign will be looking towards the October election. Eat Think Vote 2019 will support communities across Canada to engage with candidates from all parties about the local and national food issues that concern them the most.