Network Activities

Network members seek to develop our individual and collective practice of rebuilding our respective food systems. The results of these efforts are archived below.

Food System Assessments: Some Network members, with support from the J. W. McConnell Family Foundation, have undertaken assessments of their food systems as a first step to understanding the needs and priorities of their respective regions. Individually, the reports provide a detailed assessment of individual foodsheds; collectively, they provide an amazing insight into unique food systems acrosss Canada:

Food Business Bootcamp: this program combines on-line and in-person training from food business experts with the goal of building the skills necessary to run a successful, values-based business. The Program is a collaboration between Food Secure Canada and the J.W. McConnell Family Foundation as part of their Sustainable Food Systems initiative and was developed with support from Kathy Nyquist of New Venture Advisors.

  • Business Landscape: defining your unique position in the market.
  • Modeling: using data to build your business case
  • Business Structure: understanding legal forms
  • Financing: developing a financing strategy, finding funding sources and sharing your story
  • Managing Operations and Growth: strategic planning and developing financial controls

Webinars and any related resource materals can be found here, in reverse chronological order.

Annual Meetings: Proceedings of our annual meetings that combine learning, connecting and planning.

2012: on November 5th, 2012, the Network held our first official meeting in Edmonton, Alberta in conjunction with the Food Secure Canada Assembly. Read the Meeting Report. Special thanks to Edmonton's Food Bank for generously hosting our meeting.

2013: In November 2013, the Network once again convened, this time in Montreal, Quebec for four days of field trips, training, priority setting and networking. The proceedings from our 2nd Annual Meeting can be found here.

2014: The third and final annual meeting of the Network took place in Halifax, Nova Scotia, immediately preceding and integrated with the FSC bi-ennial Assembly.  The Meeting report can be found here.