Leadership on Food Policies is Urgent - Cosign this letter to PMO

Dear Prime Minister,

Re: Leadership on Food Policies is Urgent

We are calling for your personal leadership to ensure that the new food policy for Canada builds a more just, healthy and sustainable food system. We are concerned about the delays in the announcement of the new food policy, the adoption and implementation of the Healthy Eating Strategy and the failure of Nutrition North reform.  

Food is many things to many people. It is a source of nourishment, an expression of identity and a bridge between cultures, a vital economic sector and a critical contributor to the health of our people, our environment and the stewardship of our natural resources. Food is not simply a commodity but a central aspect of our social, cultural, historical and environmental realities. As such, food policy in the public interest must carefully consider all these aspects, tackling unacceptable levels of food insecurity (especially among Indigenous peoples, racialized communities and in the North), disastrous diet-related health outcomes and environmental degradation from unsustainable practices.

We are concerned by the influence food industry and advertising companies are seeking to have on the Healthy Eating Strategy, which appears to be wavering on critical public health policies. We urge you to ensure that front of package labeling, restricting marketing of unhealthy food and beverages to kids, and the new Canada Food Guide are swiftly approved, and in the public interest. This will place us in a much better position to finally tackle the deep connection between poor diet and poor health, a policy realm no government can afford to ignore.

In 2015, we celebrated when your mandate letters to the Ministers of Agriculture and Health included the development of a national food policy and several items related to healthy eating.  Since then, Food Secure Canada along with thousands of other organizations and citizens participated actively in public consultations, developing and sharing detailed policy analysis and recommendations towards ensuring a more sovereign, equitable, healthy and sustainable food system. The recent What We Heard Report on food policy reflects many of these concerns and approaches.

This month, in your hometown of Montreal, hundreds of us gathered for Food Secure Canada’s 10th Assembly, Resetting the Table. We are energised and inspired. Across Canada, the food movement is building a more healthy, just and sustainable food system from the bottom up. Now, we call on you to exercise your leadership, from the top, to deliver A Food Policy for Canada and a Healthy Eating Strategy that champion the interests of all Canadians.

Yours sincerely,

Diana Bronson, Executive Director, Food Secure Canada



If you wish to cosign this letter on behalf of your organisation, please send your name and the name of your organisation by email  -> insidescoop@foodsecurecanada.org