Criteria for Board of Directors

Directors are required to be members of Food Secure Canada, and to have a commitment to the mission, vision, and values of FSC.

Food Secure Canada’s Board should be made up of individuals with diverse expertise and backgrounds and should reflect Canada’s cultural, ethnic, generational, economic and other diversity. In addition, all regions of Canada should be reflected on the Board and there must be a minimum of one First Nations, Metis or Inuit person and one farmer on the Board.  Specific expertise about the three interlocking commitments of Food Secure Canada (zero hunger, healthy and safe food and sustainable food systems) and an understanding of the international context for food insecurity may also be required on the Board. 

For 2017-2018, we are particularly interested in receiving nominations from people who are First Nations, Metis or Inuit, as well as racialized peoples or people from diverse backgrounds. While spots could be filled from any region, we are especially looking to increase representation in Atlantic Canada, the Prairies, BC and Quebec. In terms of the kinds of expertise we are looking for, we invite individuals with a strong background in fundraising and strategic communications, academics doing research that is relevant to public policy development, as well as those with international expertise.  Experience with sectors not traditionally well-represented in the food movement, such as fisheries or hunting and gathering would also be welcome.

Directors will be nominated on the basis of one or both of the following factors:

  • Knowledge of or experience working in certain regions, issue areas, sectors, or networks of individuals or organizations.
  • Professional knowledge or expertise that will help FSC in its work.

Directors will serve in an individual capacity only, but will be expected to bring forward perspectives based on their backgrounds and experiences, which may include work with specific organizations or sectors.

Directors will also be expected to approach their work with an open mind and respect for other perspectives, being mindful of the complexity of the country’s food landscape and Food Secure Canada's commitment to diversity.

Each year at the annual general meeting, the criteria for the nomination of Directors may be reviewed and amended by the members of the Association.

Adopted by Steering Committee 6 September 2013


FSC Governance Documentation

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