Growing Resilience and Equity across Canada

In May 2020, Food Secure Canada launched its food policy action plan, Growing Resilience and Equity, which gathered the biggest ideas from across the food movement on what a post-Covid Canada could look like. Positioning these ideas within the Sustainable Development Goals as a framework, the key themes of this action plan are: 

  • Addressing the root causes of food insecurity,
  • Building resilient local food systems,
  • Supporting Indigenous food sovereignty,
  • Championing decent work and justice for workers all along the food chain,
  • Ensuring that everyone is at the table, and
  • Advancing a national school food program.

Toward the end of 2020, Food Secure Canada invited network organizations across the country to look at the policy proposals within Growing Resilience and Equity, and identify where there is most momentum within their region. The goal of this was to surface common themes across provinces and territories, showing where there is room for collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and amplifying advocacy efforts at the federal level.

This report provides a snapshot of six provincial and territorial networks and the work they have accomplished in the past year to grow resilience and equity, often in the face of remarkable challenges. 

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This project was made possible thanks to funding from the McConnell Foundation.