GMOs: Victory on GM Alfalfa Amidst Growing Concern!

There is more and more noise and concern about GM crops these days. Thanks to the campaign by the Canadian Biotechnology Action Network (CBAN), and to the immense relief of farmers across the country, there will be no spring release of GM alfalfa -- something that could have threatened the whole organic industry in Canada!  Read about what that means here. However, there are many other concerns, not the least of which is the weakness of our own regulatory and approval process for GM crops.  

In March, FSC Executive Director Diana Bronson participated in a seminar on the environmental and health implications of GMO-pesticide crops, by the CRIIGEN (Committee for Research and Independent Information on Genetic Engineering) in France where an overview was provided of the research of the past 15 years, largely under the direction of molecular biologist Dr. Gilles-Eric Séralini. Participants came away from the workshop with the conclusion that many pesticides may be much more toxic than we previously thought, because the actual commercial formulations are not tested, but rather only their declared “active ingredients” which is not enough.  Obtaining more transparency on industry studies and approval processes is more urgent than ever, as is the defense of scientists who come under attack of industry!

See this study and this interview (French only) for more information.

If you have not yet read about Berkely scientist Tyron Hayes, you can do so here.

Some of the conclusions of seminar included: GM crops were essentially pesticide crops; regulatory systems around the world were ill-equipped to execute independent reviews of their impacts especially since the formulations of different chemicals are not tested together.  Food Secure Canada will continue to follow these issues in collaboration with our partners.


As a US citizen, I am proud to see that the Canadian farmers as well as the people of Canada are resisting the Corporations that rule over us here in the USA.

Their motto is "Profit at any cost." and our well-being as well as our health is a 'Risk' they are willing to take.

They have wedged themselves into our Congress, not only through 'Legal Bribes' which they called lobbying, but they have also installed their henchmen directly into the Senate and House of Representatives to pose as Congressmen and women.

This is the new way of Big Corporations and I would like to remind and state to others that these tactics which undermine democracy by purchasing your lawmakers is in reality a crime. In other words you are dealing with Thugs.

If you find one of your representatives linking up with these Thugs, go to his Facebook page and tell the other readers there to vote this person out of office. Enlist 3 good friends to join you in posting your alert to the voters there and any other places, like newspapers or articles online.

Ask each of these 3 good friends to ask 3 of their good friends to do the same and pass the word down to each of their 3 good friends. Get this rolling and the numbers multiply rapidly. Spread information about this crooked representative by word of mouth also.

My hopes go with Canada that it might never be owned by these Corporations like they own us here in the USA.
They control our 'Mainstream media, TV, Radio,and newspapers/mags. The only way we get real news is via the web and we have to dig for it. They own us like 'Fish in a Barrel' You've all heard the saying 'Easy as shooting fish in a barrel.'

They don't just stop at forcing their products and corporate will on you. They begin taking away your basic human rights. We here in the USA can now be arrested without a warrant, transported to a Secret Prison, held there forever if need be and never brought to trial. No lawyer contact, no contact with anyone whatsoever. How's that for a good example of what they will eventually do to you? Check our our NDAA (national defense authorization act) passed last year by our Corporate-owned reps and senators.

Resist these Thugs here and now lest you end up like us later.

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