FSC's team is getting bigger: welcome to our new collaborators

Pierre Audette: Fundraising and development advisor

With more than twenty years as a director, among other responsabilities, for charitable organizations, a master in communication and a vivid interest for social marketing and fundraising, Pierre joined FSC in may 2016.

His expertise and strategic vision, paired with the actual team, work in synergy in order to increase positionning and philantropic development for FSC. His mission is to reinforce resources of the network and increase capacity to operate positive and sustainable changes for food security and sovereignty in Canada.

Jean-Réginald Jeune: Translator

Jean-Réginald will be a translator from English to French for FSC. As a pan-canadian organization, Jean's help will be more thant appreciated in order to transmit information for key actors of the food movement.

Jean Réginald studied communication and journalism and spent many years in teaching English grammar. He is currently completing a bachelor’s degree in translation from Université de Montréal. He joined FSC at the beginning of July 2016 as a translator, and he is already thirsty to become part of the broad movement to promote food security and sovereignty in Canada.

Joyce Kenoras: Indigenous circle and northern coordinator

Joyce will work with FSC and Dr Martha Stiegman (York University) in order to orient the Indigenous circle and northern communities network.

As an indigenous councelor for the Canadian Red Cross for the last 8 years, Joyce joined FSC to reinforce the links between northern and indigenous communities with our pan-canadian network of organizations and individuals. Her numerous contacts with indigenous communities of B.C. and Alberta, among others, will certainly help our organization to bring these people to Resetting The Table, in October, in Toronto. Joyce will certainly help promote food security for the most vulnerable communities of this country.

Amanda Wilson: New farmers initiative

Amanda will coordinate an initiative for new farmers in collaboration with the co-chair project managers and with FSC’s Executive director, Diana Bronson, in order to put forward ecological issues for new farmers in Canada.

With a master in labour studies from McMaster University, Amanda holds a doctorate in sociology with a specialization in politcal economy from Carleton University. Amanda worked, among other places, as a program manager for Growing up organic - Canadian organic growers and as a part-time methodology professor for St Paul University in Ottawa. With her numerous experiences in the food sector, Amanda will certainly help us in order to organize our 9th assembly: Resetting the table.

Jessica Wall: Fundraising assistant

Jessica will work in collaboration with the Partnership and Fundraising coordinator, Pierre Audette, to mobilize organizations sympathetic with FSC’s missions and values in order to invite them at Resetting the table.

Young Nova Scotian, Jessica Wall will tackle issues head-on this summer by getting her hands dirty with sustainable food issues in this country. Directly from Wolfville, Nova Scotia, Jessica has, among other experiences, worked on case studies for the Centre for Small Farms and as a research assistant for Friends of Agriculture Nova Scotia. Jessica is currently completing her higher education studies at Acadia University in the Maritimes where she concentrates her efforts on implementing the Wolfville Local Food Bucks Program.