Food security more serious than acknowledged by Stats Can

March 27, 2015 - The Statistics Canada report released yesterday underestimates the number of food insecure people, because it excludes all those who live in "marginal food insecurity" and includes only those in moderate or extreme food insecurity. If we include everyone who is food insecure, the number is actually over 4 million Canadians.

The following slide is from the PROOF research report.

Yesterday, Food Secure Canada leaders from across the country met with researchers from the PROOF project to look at how we could collaborate to share this research more widely and ensure that it informs both the food movement and public policy. 

There was a lively exchange of views about solutions to food insecurity, but unanimous agreement that raising levels of income was absolutely essential and urgent. Participants debated human rightsguaranteed annual income, the impacts on health, the particular challenges of remote and indigenous communities, the fact that some provincial governments are not properly monitoring this issue (including Newfoundland and Labrador, Manitoba, BC and the Yukon!) and the disinvestment of the federal government. The role of food banks and community food projects was also scrutinized and it was generally agreed that they can play important roles, but solving hunger in Canada is not one of them! For that, we need policy change. 

A more complete report is forthcoming. 

FSC, along with our friends at Community Food Centres Canada and many others, will be highlighting the need to address income levels as a means of addressing food insecurity in the upcoming federal election. Stay tuned!