Report analyzes cost of healthy food in KTHR

Nipawin Journal

The average cost to feed a family of four in Kelsey Trail Health Region is slightly lower than the provincial average, according to a report written by the Saskatchewan Food Costing Task Group.

The Cost of Healthy Eating in Saskatchewan 2012, released by the Saskatchewan Food Costing Task Group, surveyed 107 grocery stores from urban and rural locations, both on and off reserve, throughout the province from June 1 through 15, 2012. The grocery stores were randomly selected and participation was voluntary.

Public Health Nutritionists or Registered Dieticians from each health region in the province conducted food pricing surveys in the selected grocery stores to determine the cost of a list of approximately 60 foods included in the National Nutritious Food Basket, which is based on healthy eating recommendations in Canada’s Food Guide. Prices from all stores were then pooled to determine an average price for each individual food item. Individual prices, brands and store names were kept strictly confidential by the surveyors.


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