[Contract] Request for Proposal: Technical Writer


Harvesting Resilience and Cultivating Sustainability: A Study of Northern Food Systems, a report prepared for Prepared for Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada by Food Secure Canada


Desired Qualifications:

Extensive technical, or popular writing experience

Understanding of food insecurity in Northern Canada

Budget: Up to $3,000

Deadline for Proposals: October 19th, 2018

Please submit questions and proposals to: community@foodsecurecanada.org



We invite proposals from skilled writers to prepare a summary document based on report produced by Food Secure Canada on food insecurity in Northern Canada. The original research and report prepared for Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada include findings and recommendations that echo the voices of those living and working in the North, who identify the need for sustainable and diversified food systems (e.g. connecting country foods, local production and imported foods), that value and prioritize community-led initiatives and Indigenous self-determination. The focus of the study was on the five regions and territories of Northern Canada.



High levels of food insecurity in Northern Canada result from a complex set of geographic, financial, environmental, cultural, logistical and political challenges, many of which are outlined in our report. Building stronger, more resilient and sustainable food systems in the North is essential to addressing these challenges, but there is not yet a coordinated strategy for adequate policy and program solutions to this end. It was found that a cross-departmental and multi-jurisdictional approach that supports diversified food systems is clearly needed.

Overall, food security is shown to improve when residents have access to culturally appropriate, local food, reinforcing the importance of supporting subsistence food systems and traditional economies. The report details how increasing the access and affordability of food, along with the ability to produce and harvest foods can have a meaningful impact on the experiences of food insecurity and overall quality of life within Northern and Indigenous communities.



This project requires the writer (preferably with graphic skills) to draft a ten-page summary report based on the original research produced by Food Secure Canada and associated authors. This will involve summarizing and synthesizing complex sociological, historical, environmental, and economic information at various points throughout the report.  They will include graphics and other visual representations to ensure the accessibility of information to a wide audience. The writer will work with members of Food Secure Canada and the author group to complete this summary by November 25th, 2018. The final product will be an easy-to-understand summary, meant for popular consumption. It is intended to be useful as a basis for advocacy for enhanced policy cohesion regarding Northern food systems.