The Great Big Crunch on the Hill

This March 10, 2016, nearly 200,000 children from across Canada will bite into apples (and other crunchy produce) to celebrate healthy, local food.

To support this amazing national effort, politicians of all stripes will take on some crunching of their own. Local kids, and expert crunchers, will show them the ropes and everyone will be challenging each other online with photos and video to encourage Canadians from coast-to-coast to get their crunch on using the hashtag #greatbigcrunch.

Food Secure Canada and the Coalition for Healthy School Food, in partnership with Jean-Claude Poissant (MP, La Prairie, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food), are delighted to invite you to the Great Big Crunch on the Hill, an event celebrating Nutrition Month and the health of Canadian children.

WHAT: Great Big Crunch on the Hill
WHEN: Thursday, March 10 - MEDIA PHOTO OPPORTUNITY – 10:30 a.m.
Event for MPs and friends from 10:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
WHERE: Room 100, Sir John A. MacDonald Building, 144 Wellington Street (Ottawa)


The media are also encouraged to tweet their support for the thousands of kids who are participating in this campaign with an encouraging photo or video of their own!

To book interviews with the organizers or to learn more about the campaign to improve healthy food in Canada’s schools contact:
Sophie Nadeau Media Consulting,, 613-266-7587

Join Food Secure Canada, the Coalition for Healthy School Food and FoodShare Toronto in a Great Big Crunch!

Students, teachers, parents and others who are passionate about food are invited to share their enthusiasm in a national moment of anti-silence. Since 2006, Canadians from coast to coast have participated in the Great Big Crunch, an initiative of FoodShare Toronto.

Kids from across the country will learn about local and healthy food and celebrate the day with a simultaneous apple crunch!

The national Great Big Crunch event is March 10 at 2:30pm EST. Want to participate? Sign up on the FoodShare website so we can keep track of every crunch!