COVID-19: Food Secure Canada in action


Food Secure Canada's role has been to harness the power of the collective in order to build a food system that is more healthy, sustainable and just. Even as the world changed drastically in light of Covid-19, we've been seeing incredible solidarity, ingenuity, and motivation for systems-wide change. The crisis has highlighted the deep inequities in our system, and while we must address the urgent needs of today, how do we channel energy to enact long-term systemic change?


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Growing Resilience and Equity: A Food Policy Action Plan in the Context of Covid-19

FSC’s “Growing Resilience And Equity” outlines a policy action plan for food system renewal, post-Covid and beyond.

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In the media: Advocating for change


Across the food movement

  • Coalition for Heathy School Food: APRIL 1, 2020 – For many children, staying at home means being unable to access much-needed healthy meals provided at school. School food and community organizations are using ingenuity to feed children and families, even while schools are closed. Read more...

  • Food Communities Network: This new network brings together those working at the municipal or community-wide level to share knowledge and tools, and their first meeting focused on municipal responses to Covid-19. Learn more...



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