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APRIL 30, 2020 – By Nancy Neamtan As we begin to plan for a gradual end to confinement, many voices are proposing strategies and... Read more
TUESDAY APRIL 21, 2020 – COVID-19 has brought into focus the weaknesses in our food system, and as governments of all levels roll out... Read more
APRIL 3, 2020: The Government of Canada has announced an investment of $100 million in support of food banks and local food... Read more
APRIL 8, 2020 –  In the wake of Covid-19, a diversity of policies and programs are being proposed by those in the food movement... Read more
Food Secure Canada's role has been to harness the power of the collective in order to build a food system that is more healthy, sustainable... Read more
  FRIDAY MARCH 27, 2020 –  The latest data shows that 1 in 8 Canadians experience food insecurity, and with Covid-19,... Read more
THURSDAY MARCH 19, 2020 –   Last week as Canada began to realize the magnitude of COVID-19’s reach, people across the country... Read more
PUBLISHED MARCH 18, 2020; UPDATED MARCH 19, 2020 –   Concerns about food insecurity and food sovereignty are being... Read more
MARCH 17, 2020 –   Do you or someone you know work for a food security organization? We're compiling a list of what food... Read more
What does the work for healthy, just and sustainable food look like in your community? Where is there momentum in this work, and what are... Read more