[WEBINAR] Save the Date! Northern Food Network Webinar #4

Groups audience: 

AICBR and Food Secure Canada are continuing with the webinar series of the Northern Food Network, the next webinar is happening Monday November 20th at 1pm EST.

Join us and speaker Mary Jane Johnson from Kluane First Nation, Yukon in a conversation about food security and policy around traditional foods. Mary Jane will share her insights from attending the Northern Food Policy Hackathon being hosted by the Gordon Foundation October 25-26th. Agenda coming soon.

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The Northern Food Network started informally in 2015 and has evolved over the past 2 years to become a space for knowledge mobilization and connection building between Northerners (and Southern allies) on issues relating to the themes of food, health, agriculture, and environment. The Network has hosted a number of engagement sessions on national food policy (more below), has brought together Northerners for key gatherings/conferences related to food security as well as facilitated a number of teleconferences/webinars featuring speakers from across the North. You can view the recordings, notes and presentation slides from previous webinars here.  

Mon, 2017/11/20 - 1:00pm to 2:00pm