[Webinar] #Nourish Kids Now: Supporting a National School Food Program

About this Event

Canada is ranked 37th of 41 countries on providing healthy food for kids, yet today we remain the only G7 nation without a federally funded school food program.

The Coalition for Healthy School Food is a group of 70+ organizations advocating for increased federal investment in a universal, cost-shared, healthy school food program for all students across Canada.

Here in BC, many are working to bring healthy foods to the plates, minds and bellies of students. However, existing school food programs are run at a classroom, school or school district scale and largely rely on parents and other members of the school community to develop and fund. This patchwork of programs does not meet the needs of all students. We need significant investment from all levels of government, as well as input from local school communities and other stakeholders, to create a universal program for all children and youth.

Join us on Thursday July 25 at 11:00am PST to explore how you can get involved over the summer and fall in helping make sure that all federal parties and candidates commit to a National School Food Program; and how you support the national Coalition to build on existing programs and ensure all students in Canada and BC have access to nutritious meals every day.

We will answer the following questions:

  • What is the Coalition advocating? What issues are we trying to address?
  • Who is the BC Chapter, and what are we working on?
  • What is the status of school food programming & advocacy in BC and Canada?
  • How can you get involved as a member or endorser of the Coalition?
  • How can you reach out to candidates running for federal office in your area?
  • Are there fact sheets that can help convince your local candidates?
  • How can you support the #Nourish Kids Now campaign to ensure public investment in a national school food program?

For more information, contact Samantha Gambling, Coordinator of the BC Chapter, at bcschoolfood@phabc.org

Thu, 2019/07/25 - 11:00am