Webinar: Improving the accessibility of sustainably-produced foods in Canada



Key Findings of a Food Secure Canada Research Project

Interest in sustainably-produced foods has grown exponentially in recent decades. Food Secure Canada has conducted a study called, “Sustainable Consumption For All” (April 2018 - March 2019) to better understand the barriers Canadians living on low-incomes face in accessing sustainably-produced food. The study was funded by Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada. The project utilized key informant interviews, focus groups with people living on low-income, and a nation-wide survey. Key research findings will be presented, followed by an interactive discussion about the project. We will also explore future research questions.

Webinar will be hosted in English.

*Due to unforeseen delays in finalizing and translating the research report, the April 29th Webinar will be posponed (new date sto be announced shortly). If you wish to receive an email invitation to register, please notify Jennifer Reynolds at institutions@foodsecurecanada.org.


Presenter: Desré Kramer, Lead Researcher for the Food Secure Canada Research Project “Sustainable Consumption for All”

Facilitator: Jennifer Reynolds, Program Manager, Food Secure Canada


Mon, 2019/04/29 - 12:00pm