Webinar : Food Policy Constructive Engagement

Hosted by: Innoweave
Friday, September 11, 2:30 pm ET.

Constructive Engagement helps leaders of community sector organizations develop effective strategies to understand and work with policy makers, practitioners, and the public to make specific changes that will directly improve the outcomes that the organization seeks and advance their mission.

Click here to register (this webinar will be offered in English).

This webinar will help participants learn more about Constructive Engagement, and explore the potential for their participation in a special Food Policy Constructive Engagement online workshop later in the fall of 2015. Constructive Engagement expert Sean Moore will deliver the webinar, with federal food policy expert Rod MacRae helping to craft and deliver the later workshop.

If you are not available to take part in the webinar, please note that a recording will be made available for viewing afterwards.

Fri, 2015/09/11 - 2:30pm