The Territorialized Agri-Food Systems: Source of Diversity and Tool for Integration and Competitiveness

The concept of TAS emerged in the last few years in France. It now forms a strong matrix to work towards food systems that are more respectful of cultural and biological diversity in order to fulfill the several components of food security while getting along with the globalized consumption system. This new concept stresses the importance of the optimization of the local integration systems, by opposition to the practices that take place in a worldwide geographical space. While taking a historical perspective, we suggest that globalization fragments the systems by increasing the division of work and widening distances between the production site of inputs of all nature and the fabrication site of finished goods, but also between the production site and the consumption of these products. The TAS are more established on networks of local agriculture businesses, agrifood businesses and services using local resources and taking into account the criteria of sustainable development. These two types of systems serve different stakeholders and may certainly coexist.

Even if there is a lot of initiatives emerging in the Americas are clearly part of the TAS, this concept is not well known and recognized and it seems interesting to analyze this concept that reflects different perspectives. A territorialized differentiation strategy may also be a tool for food diversity and competitiveness in a context of globalized market. Therefore, it is necessary to consider other economic and legal tools that can be used to promote the TAS in order to contribute to food diversity.

Symposium Objectives

- To present and debate on the TAS concept with American continent perspective;

- To present and debate on economic and legal tools promoting TAS in order to contribute to food diversity and to the development of TAS;

- To strengthen the knowledge, sharing the expertise between stakeholders (civil society, businesses, researchers, associative movement, municipalities, governments, producers, distributors and food processors);

- To develop interamerican cooperation in the Americas and between Europe and the Americas regarding TAS

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Thu, 2015/10/01 - 8:45am to Fri, 2015/10/02 - 3:00pm