Northern Food Network: Web Call - Policy Priorities for a National Food Policy

The high levels of food insecurity in many northern and remote communities, far above the national average, is arguably the most pressing issue facing Canada’s food system. How can a Food Policy for Canada help to address this immediate issue, while also creating the conditions to strengthen and support resilient, sustainable food systems in the North over the long-term?  

This conference call will discuss priorities and policy proposals on Northern food systems and food security that could feed into the process of building a national food policy for Canada. The call will be happening on Wednesday Aug 9th at 1pm PST (4pm EST).

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The call is open to anyone, however the conversation will be directly specifically at policy proposals and priorities: What concrete ideas and actions do Northerners and their allies want to see in a national food policy? 

If you have any questions or comments, do not hesitate to get in touch!



The Arctic Institute of Community-Based Research (AICBR) and Food Secure Canada (FSC)



August 9th, 2017 



Zoom Video Communication



Registration is free


You may find it helpful to take a look at the following background documents for context around the national food policy, and what potential recommendations might look like:

A Primer on National Food Policy (Food Secure Canada)

Five Big Ideas for a Better Food System (Food Secure Canada)

Yukon Food Security Roundtable (AICBR)

Food (In)Security in the North (Northern Public Affairs)


Wed, 2017/08/09 -
1:00pm to 2:30pm