Montreal - What's Your Recipe For A Better Food System?


This consultation is the first out of a discussion series on « Local food systems : theory, practice and policy » brought to you by the Food Justice and Sustainability Research Project at Dawson College. These activities are aimed at neighborhood food roundtables and other multi-stakeholder food partnerships in Montreal.

To register contact Hugo Jean Martorell.


BACKGROUND: What's Your Recipe For A Better Food System?

Food matters. Canadians make choices every day about food that directly impacts their health, environment, and communities. The Government of Canada is conducting consultations to get input from Canadians to help shape A Food Policy for Canada that will cover the entire food system, from production to consumption to compost.

Food Secure Canada (FSC) members across Canada are hosting community engagement events called What’s Your Recipe for a Better Food System? towards the food policy consultations.

We want to bring a diverse set of voices to the table–community members with lived experiences of food insecurity, sustainable agriculture and fisheries leaders, local food business owners, and innovative community food programmers, among others–to talk about how we can build a healthier, more just, sustainable, and economically viable food system for all Canadians.

From these events, we will provide government with input and policy proposals from a range of regional food systems and perspectives across Canada to inform A Food Policy for Canada.

Tue, 2017/09/12 -
1:00pm to 4:00pm