Consultation on Banning Partially Hydrogenated Oils in foods

Current status: Open

Haalth Canada is seeking input from all Canadians to provide comments on the proposal to ban the use of partially hydrogenated oils (industrial trans fats) in foods.

When and where

This consultation is available online between November 14, 2016, and January 13, 2017. 


 How to participate

  1. Complete the consumer questionnaire, which has background information and just 1 question.
  2. Review the consultation document and complete the technical questionnaire, which has 3 questions.

You may submit your comments:

  • online using the web form
  • by email in electronic files such as:
    • Microsoft Word
    • Adobe Acrobat
  • by mail
  • by fax

Visit Health Canada's website for more info.

Mon, 2016/11/14 - 2:15pm to Fri, 2017/01/13 - 2:15pm